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Who Is Looking Out For You?

My hope is in you, Lord.

My hope is in you, Lord.

Last Saturday, my husband picked me up. When he got to where I was he suddenly remembered that he forgot to take the key to his other car. Why that was important is only because we recently listed our house and it is now open to public for viewing. There is a bit of insecurity, knowing that people go in and out of your property and you are not totally moved out yet.(..and we can’t be in the house during the tour).

So I called our realtor and asked him to get the key for safekeeping and that we would just get the key the next day.  I called him at 1pm and he ended the open house at 5 but we didn’t get home until 9.

photo courtesy of google

photo courtesy of google

As soon as we pulled in front of the house, I immediately jumped out of the car but in my peripheral vision I saw my husband ducked and picked something from the ground. “What is it?” I asked. “It’s my car key!” “No way, really?”

He said he had the urge to look down and when he did he thought he read “MACH1″, but he really did!

We laughed about it and as if talking to our realtor I said in a funny voice ” Well, the keys were safer in the dresser. We didn’t tell you to take it out of the drawer to put on the ground for anyone to pick up”.

Going in the house,  my husband in an almost epiphany kind of moment said ” God must really love me. He made me look down the ground.”  In all confidence, I said to him ” God is looking out for us.”

My devotion this morning confirms that : “The Lord is good to those whose hope is in Him.”-Lamentations 3:25a

Don’t go looking for big miracles. The Lord Jesus is in the details and it is sooooo good!

Check, Check, Check!

Every morning my husband and I have a routine (actually it was just his but I sort of adapted it) Before going out the door he would say to me ” wallet, phone, keys? ” to which I’d say, “check, check, check”!

This morning went like this:

Me      :  “ wallet, charger, ring!”
Him   :  “I already charged my phone yesterday, okay I gotta go, I love you”. ( 2 minutes later he announced himself) ” I’m back! “
Me:    :   “What did you forget?”
Him   :  “The Ring!”   and he stormed off before I could even open my mouth. LOL I mean come on, I just reminded him of that, right?

Last Sunday  around 11:30 he called me from his office  and said  ” I forgot the milk!”  “What milk?” I was thinking to myself “was he supposed to go to the store?  We still have milk in the fridge, what is he talking about?  He must have  read my mind because he said  “I forgot to bring milk, how will I eat peanut butter and jelly sandwich without milk? “ Of course.

That Sunday morning was really chaotic. We have been remodelling the house and everyday he’d wake up thinking of the  door hinges, paint, and tiles, and what-not. I should be  the calm one supposed to just take care of him ( and I sometimes fail honestly).  I’m in charge of the lunchbox and I totally forgot!

So where am I going with this?  I think you know. We are so caught up with our own agenda and just when we thought we had it all planned out,kaboom! Mere mortals,are we all?

This morning’s devotion revisits a routine we believers should perform on a daily basis. Before we  start our day and head out the door, God  is also reminding us of the essentials that we need to go about our day.  It isn’t the laptop, the phone nor  the car keys. Not the make up or the clothes we need to wear.  It is written in Ephesians 6  and should be etched in our hearts  as believers in Jesus Christ.

Armor of God

Does this helmet make my head look big?

Do we always  put them on?  When we forget and reminded of them,  are we too busy and in a hurry to go back for them?

The world is a battlefield, and we know that we fight not against flesh and blood but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. (Ephesians 6:12) 

We are to equip ourselves with the full armor of God and  fight the war. But we sometimes forget and go to the battlefield  unprepared and with our guards down.  When we start our day,  what do we say “check, check, check!” to?

Share below, we want to know.


Prepare To Meet Your Maker

That line is usually a sign that the movie is about to end and the villain is well..about to die.  Action movies even comedies use that line to signify the end and again, death.


er, umm (cough)…I hope I’m not interrupting ..?

The topic of death is an enigma in itself. To some people or culture,  talking about death is taboo. It is always associated with gloom, overwhelming sadness and fear. The morbidity of death freaks us out. It is just some ugly truth that we just refuse to face. After all, death is depicted as the phantom silhouette  with a sickle, pretty scary huh?

The bible hashtags death from the Garden to The New Jerusalem-it’s trending! Yet no one is Liking  it.

I am not writing about what others believe, but to Christians there is no finality in death. It is in fact living.

When Amos prophesied  to the Israelites and outlined God’s judgment, the Lord said  in v.12 “prepare to meet your God, O Israel.”  It was not to say they will literally see God face to face (not yet)  to me it meant that the Lord will manifest His wrath and with a heavy hand the Lord will deal with their disobedience and rebellion and yeseventually there will be death because it is inevitable.

Another dimension to death is that we really are going to see the Lord face to face. God always provides us with a way out SEEK THE LORD AND LIVE.

Welcome. I've longed to see you. I love you.

Welcome. I’ve longed to see you. I love you.

In Christ, we live to die so we can live again and forever. Isn’t that a comforting truth?  Dying,  my friend is not the issue. The real issue is: Are we prepared to meet Our Maker?  There’s a way.

Understanding the essence of death makes living worth dying for.

Have a blessed day.



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Jonah and the Blowfish

The story of Jonah offers more than one life lesson. It is a two dimension story showcasing human flaws and God’s perfection. It’s a matter of perspective and however  we want to view it bottom line is : God is inescapable.

When God tells us to do something and we run away from it does not only delay the process, it creates a ripple effect that is sometimes stressful for other people indirectly involved. It is silly to think that we can just get a one way ticket to nowhere and God won’t find us. Right!

Instead of dealing with it, we flee…and it is costly.

When I was a kid and I get orders from my mom or my gramma  to do something and I would cut corners or not do it at all, I usually pay the price. I’d always get the immortal lecture of  “ Resistance is futile. You will end up doing it anyway, so why complicate it?”  Crying and throwing a fit will not make it go away, if for anything it will just keep coming back to bite you in the you-know-where.

Jonah’s action did not only expose the ship crew to unnecessary calamity, he subjected them to a great deal of stress as well. Imagine the horror of the crew! I would have frozen up in terror or suffer hypertension (or I could have bopped Jonah in the head, maybe).

Whew, that was rough!

Whew, that was rough!

Even after Jonah’s time of reflection and prayer, he  still managed to justify his action and expressed his displeasure with God’s compassion. “That is why I was so quick to flee to Tarshish. I knew that you are gracious and compassionate God, slow to anger and abounding in love, a God who relents from sending calamity.”  [Chapter 4: 2]

The naiveté of his complaint reflects what most of us would say when we don’t agree with God’s plan. “He betrayed me and cost me pain, and yet  you want me to forgive him? And worse yet, you still love him and want to save him? You must be out of your mind God!”… All too familiar?

What he said in verse 3 is just a biblical version of what we usually say out of pride and indignance: “OVER MY DEAD BODY!”, really?  Like dying while complaining is better than living and obeying.

God is compassionate and we can’t escape Him , which is a good thing.  The Lord’s plan is the best plan and prevails, even if  it means sending  a whale to swallow us alive.  Would make for a good WordPress blog material but …nah.

Have a blessed day, everyone.

(PS, I know it was not a blowfish, I just thought it was catchy, pun unintended. )



Have You Had These?

Have You Had These?

images (32)I hurt my back some 15 years ago. I think I started feeling the pain from wearing heels. The pain in my back was initially diagnosed as DDD or Degenerative Disc Disease. I opted for just therapy and seemed to work but few more years later it progressed from DDD to Herniated Discs-L4-L5. The epidural I took in 2004 lasted until 2010. And my battle with back pain started since then.

In 2011, the pain became aggressive and unbearable. I would have sporadic pain all the way from my neck down to my toes. Going down the stairs was as painful going up. Pulling up the sheets felt like my muscles were being torn to tiny pieces and my joints were always burning (if that makes sense). Chronic was not my favorite word then, it is still not today.

The pain stayed with me for 2 years – x-rays after x-rays, blood testing and all and they could not tell me what’s wrong with me. All I got for the most part was that I was just getting old,  lol.

I was even diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2011, given meds I never took  (but you know what?  There was a prophetic healing Sunday at church last year, I was prayed over ) and this year when I had another check up, the doctor said “you don’t have fibromyalgia” after poking me and bending and stretching me and what not. Hallelujah!

I felt silly telling him I had that though,  but hey I was just going with what the previous doctors told me.


July of last year, I hurt my back again cleaning the tub and took what seemed to be forever to get the treatment I wanted. Well I didn’t really know what I want except for the pain to go away and this is what I have been getting lately.


The procedure I have been going through is a test before the big procedure (which I will type later. Not explain because in my own words it sounds funny when I tell friends about it).  To isolate and determine where the pain is coming from aside from I got the first procedure and was injected pain blocker medicine to my sacroiliac joint.  Boy, did it hurt so bad!  But I felt better soon after,  although  there was still a bit of a lingering pain, and you have to have that pain to get to the next test. (Rocket Over to TEST #2)===>

images (31)

images (30)


This test was relatively easy. Not as painful as the first -just the initial poke was like ant bites and pressure all over lumbar area. It felt weird but yeah why wouldn’t it feel weird? Only three long needles poking you in the back!  Unlike the first test, my pain this time completely disappeared. I was able to wear my pants without laying in bed and I could finally bend and tie my shoe laces!


download (6)download (5)



I tell my friends, “they will burn my nerves” and they go “so you will be running trying to put out the fire screaming?”  Ha ha! The right term might be cauterize?  I dunno. *shrugs. I have yet to get  this procedure this Friday so I can’t say much about this. But if anyone of you have done this, you may share your experience with us.

Please pray for me on that day.It will be performed in the morning. I hope it takes care of my pain. Oh by the way, we are only doing the right side. Left side to follow soon as I am able to do the procedure all over again.

Thanks for reading and I would like  to hear your stories.



Being Married and All

imageIt’s been more than a month since I got married and everything is so serene now.  Not to bore you with my stories but I am thinking more of “journtalizing” ( my own coined word for immortalizing a journal entry ) the event  so when I get old and grey and I can go back to this page and be reminded of how wonderful it is to be married:)

I can start by saying that it was truly magical and memorable. The thrill of starting a new life phase is something that sticks with you long after the cake’s been eaten and thank you cards been sent. It’s more than just the wedding, it is the marriage. The warmth and fuzzy of being called “wife” , the giddiness of calling my ex-boyfriend “husband”-they are just little trips I get high on everyday:)

The blending of two families and sharing lives as if they’re one is just so amazingly pleasant, It is an adventure and a constant phase of discovering more amusing and sometimes annoying new (or old) quirks about each other.

More than that, our Lord has been gracious and generous to us both. As we start our lives as Mr.and Mrs. the Lord revealed new plans for us. An exciting journey started and the Lord is re-directing us to a whole new path. We are excited, we are enthusiastic and energetic and we look forward to starting our married lives in a new environment, a new house we can call our home and new friends that will come along.



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