God Remembers

If you have an intimate relationship with the Lord, you know that one of His traits is consistency. Whenever He wants something done, He follows it up with confirmation. Either through His words, a preacher, a friend, etc. Like signing up for something online, you get an email confirmation afterwards,  that kind of thing.

This is part 2 of my key testimony.

The same morning I found my keys, my usual program started airing the episode where Pastor Greg Coleman preached prior to his passing in June.  He talked about  1 Corinthians 11:25.

I am not going to echo his preaching, but as he explained and shared his battle with cancer, there were several truths that our Heavenly Father confirmed to me that day.

  1. He remembers. As much as we are encouraged to remember what Jesus did to the cross, He remembers us and constantly.  Even in times when we don’t remember, He does. He remembers our pain, our brokenness, our sufferings, our needs, our tears.
  2. He restores. We despair when we lose something or someone, or when we lose the capacity to do the things we want to do, but God brings it all back, to make us strong, firm and steadfast.
  3. He makes us whole. The mercy and compassion of God is endless that after restoration, we are made whole through our union withe the Lord Jesus, our ruler and authority.

My tears were just flowing non-stop realizing who and what I am and how a Heavenly Father like ours remembers and cares for us. Undeserving, yet given the privilege to be an heir.

Just remembering that God gave us His Son, just remembering what Jesus did on the cross can combat any lies the devil might and will throw at us.


2 thoughts on “God Remembers

  1. To listen to this pastor as he shares his faith while dealing with his cancer would have been powerful. Now that he is in glory his words would really resonate. The 3 points that you share are very incredible.


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