God in the Small Stuff

I have a permanent place for my keys but for some reason, I didn’t put them there and so I spent the whole day yesterday looking for them. Later that night my husband joined me and searched all around. We went to bed but we would get  up secretly trying to look for it, yes that’s how serious we were in finding my keys. Understandably so because those were the keys to our house and the mailbox.

My husband was more concerned (euphemism for upset),  I was not and I kept assuring him that the keys will turn up soon as we stop looking.

We went to bed.

We woke up and the first thing we talked about was the keys. We went the same route looking at places we’ve already checked just in case and there was nothing. He even looked in his car. When he left for work  I sat in his chair and I prayed ” Father in Heaven, please show me where my keys are. Please show me where they are.”

I got up and very specifically went to the guest room (you know how when you go to a room and wonder why you’re there?) and I started looking inside different purses. I thought I had it figured out re-tracing the different purses I used the past days , still none.

All of a sudden, my attention was focused on the new purse I bought hanging in the closet. It is like an envelope, thin and sleek. So I thought to myself “why would it be here? won’t fit”. As I was getting ready to leave I turned around again, I reached for that purse (as if someone grabbed my hands and put them on the purse).

I didn’t open it, I sort of felt/frisked it and there was none. There was a thinner slip on attachment in the front of the purse, so I opened it…

The keys were found!

I immediately took a picture of it and texted my husband.

As I began to text him, I suddenly realized how I found my keys (God must be clearing his throat saying “ehem”). I blurted out “Oh My God, I am sorry! I asked you to show me and I didn’t even bother thanking you first”. It led to a prayer of thanksgiving, praise and worship.

God is in the small stuff , believe it or not. 


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Please take off your shoes.

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