God Kids Me Not

Four years ago, I wrote about not wanting to love my enemy and just to pray for her which I took no delight in doing but I had to.

A year ago, her sister reached out to me and sort of apologized by acknowledging that she finally found out the truth and we started talking.

Recently I learned that this ex-friend I talked about,  found Jesus and is on her way to mending broken relationships. I heard that she made an attempt to apologize to another friend that she slandered along with me but no mention of me,lol.

When I heard that, I said “seriously, Lord?” and yes, He answered and said “ what? you have a problem with that?” I remember I was laughing and shaking my head while doing dishes and having that conversation with the Lord.

I also remember when I was praying for her four years ago, I sort of mumbled the part where I said ” may she find someone to lead her to you and that you please work on her heart”. I guess I was acting stupid by believing that jamming my voice would somehow give a choppy signal to the Lord. 

God heard. God listened. God acted.screenshot_2014-06-07-13-02-49-1

He gave me peace in return for praying that and He went about doing His other business of  working on her. The point of this testimony is that God is in control. He is serious about His saving business and He answers our prayers, in His own time for His glory.

I immediately remember this verse:

So will My word be which goes forth from My mouth; It will not return to Me empty, Without accomplishing what I desire, And without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it.-Isaiah 55:11 

Those words echoed in my heart and I am humbled that it is not what I want nor my desire that causes answered prayers but His-all the time. We just need to be obedient despite ourselves and leave everything up to the Heavenly Father to put things in order, not for our glory but for His and His alone.

I am not gonna say, “be careful what you pray for” but rather I would like to challenge you and say “Go ahead and pray, then prepare to be amazed.”

I did and I was.

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