A David Begets An Absalom

The book of 2 Samuel is a treasure trove for filmmakers. Like a typical Hollywood movie the story involved lust, incest, violence, betrayal. It is suspenseful, heartbreaking and full of action.Amnon_and_Tamar_by_an_unknown_artist,_oil_on_canvas,_ca._1650-1700,_High_Museum_of_Art

The dysfunction was multi faceted but would not be difficult to pinpoint what started the mini plots.

Most of the issues are traceable to one man-David. As admired and loved by God he was equally flawed and sinful. How a valiant young boy rose to fame and down to infamy is what makes the story gripping.

From adultery to murder to a negligent parent,  David tried hard to spin his life around and was successful in doing so, but not without difficulty.

                                   David and Absalom                        Photo credit: http://www.freebibleimages.org 

His bad parenting resulted from his inability to handle his own pain. The guilt and grief drew a hedge between him and Absalom. His failure to confront the issue that was Tamar triggered a deep seated hatred not only between the siblings but eventually towards him. 

Absalom lashed out and performed attention-seeking activities, desperate for his father’s approval and maybe the guilt and  agony of killing his brother and the defiling of his sister.

If you are facing some family crisis or lacking parental skills, learn from David and talk to God. Our God is compassionate. His love is unconditional. If we confess our sins and ask for guidance He is more than willing to help.

He heals, He restores.

Please take off your shoes.

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