Can You Handle Success? Then, Do This.

There is no formula to success and prosperity, nor there is a secret to it. Most people struggle and often wonder why despite their hard work, nothing yields.

You wanna know how to prosper and be succesful? ONE WORD- and you can find it in Deutoronomy 28. Have a blessed day.


5 thoughts on “Can You Handle Success? Then, Do This.

  1. Hi there PD! Nice to hear from you again. Sending us on a mission to find the answers…hope people will take advantage and look through Det. 28. Let me know how you’ve been!



      1. Oh yeah, it’s been hot and sunny alright out here. But nothing like what it will be like in another 2-3 months…then the order of the days will be 100-107 degrees!

        No cooling nor “summer rains” in this place. We can’t even get rain during the fall/winter months…haha!

        Are you planning any new posts in the near future?



      2. I have been slacking I know. I will, hopefully soon. I just need to sit down and stop the distractions. Speaking of hot, it’s back on here. We’ve had couple days of rain and it was kind of refreshing. We are not quite in the 100s like you guys, but I believe it will be sooner. Thanks for staying in touch. You encourage me. God bless you real good!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Well, we all are guilty of a little “slacking” from time to time! It’s fine to let down a bit…

        Yeah, you know how I love the extreme heat…Lol! Our worst days are in Aug.-Sept. when we can rip off 6-8 days or more in a row of heat in that 103-108 range, man is that murder! Wish we could get some rain, but all we ever get is about 6-8 inches a year in the past 4 years! That’s why we have such a drought!

        Hey, it’s my pleasure to stay in touch. I’m glad I can be of some encouragement to you…that’s nice of you to say!

        May the Lord bless and keep you in His arms always, PD…

        Until next time,


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