The Beauty of Rediscovery

My trip to California was sweet. I was able to re-connect with old friends from church and my best friend.

My first day, my friends and I met in San Francisco and instead of going straight home they took me to Moraga and 16th. I worked in Sanfo for 3.5 years and I never once heard of the mosaic stairs. The artisan project was a beauty in itself with  succulents all around. But getting to the top to see a breath taking view of San Francisco was worth the climb. It was only 163 steps, but for someone who hates stairs it might as well be 1,163 steps! Did I mention it was free?

View from the top
Halfway to the top of the stairs


Mosaic Stairs
Mosaic Stairs

There are “hidden”treasures right under our noses. Sometimes our appetite for everything grandeur overlooks simple beauties.  The best things in life sometimes are free. Not everything expensive is the best, that is a fallacy.

We look hard and go extreme to experience wonders and sights, but there is beauty in simplicity. Re-discover and explore, for you might find gemstones hidden in plain sight.

Let me end by saying that in our spiritual life, we are bound to re-discover “hidden” treasures and wonders. Re-discover your first love and re-kindle the fire the first time you fell in love with Jesus.

God’s wonders never go stale. His mercies and love are always free, always fresh.

…The LORD’S loving-kindnesses indeed never cease, For His compassions never fail. They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness.-Lamentations3:23

Go ahead, re-discover. Be amazed and be refreshed.


12 thoughts on “The Beauty of Rediscovery

  1. Beautiful pics! Sounds like you do have some found memories of living there. But as you have said, much of it has changed. Glad you got to see your best friend!



      1. noisy in the Bay area? That’s noise pollution and I’m surprised they would stand for it up in the “liberal zone!”

        They are so…well, I can’t say what I think without sounding judgmental…



      2. My friend’s area used to be super quiet and that was just 4 years ago. I was surprised to see the overflow of cars parked all over the place and kids running around and skateboarding at 8am! Her husband’s car was actually broken in, in front of the house. that’s what I mean when I said noisy. It was terrible.Dogs barking practically the whole day .

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      3. You know, they used to think in places like SF, and others, that they could keep a “nicer, quieter neighborhood by keeping the rents and home prices higher.

        Now, with the salaries some people get paid up in SF…silicon valley…even rowdy-kins can make enough money to live in the Bay area! Same with places like NY and Chicago. Not so much in LA, but it has been crummy here for decades!



      4. Yep. It does seem to be the rule with most population explosions regardless of the price of housing…


      1. It’s a very beautiful country. We were very hot for the first few days, but then it cooled off to the low ’70’s. I did have a great time. It was a highlight, for sure.


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