Run Samson Run

Delilah‘s on her way, says the song.

I hesitated using Samson for this article, because this blog is about love not being rude. But that is the wonder of  biblical people, they are interesting and show more than one dimension. With the hope of not  going out of context, allow me to use him anyway to illustrate the topic.

Samson was admirable for his strength and courage. People feared him and constantly plotting his death. The proverb ” behind every great man there’s a great woman ” is not true of Samson, rather behind a great man was a manipulative seductive b***h!  (sorry…) was his case.

So while preparing to write about this article, I had an inside argument that said : “Samson has nothing to do with love not being rude, he was an idiot!” Cruel right?

When Samson fell in love with Delilah, all bets were off.

Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia

All drama, stupidity and sinister plot aside, and concentrating on Samson instead of Delilah, I would like to believe that aside from the infatuation and lust, Samson must truly love Delilah to reveal something that could potentially harm him.  He could have chosen not to share with her, but because he loved and trusted her -he  just didn’t care.

He “playfully messed” with her with all his silly answers but in the end he chose to share just the same.

When he was emotionally blackmailed by Delilah, he probably thought it was rude “not to confide in her if he truly loved her”;  makes sense to me after all that’s what love should be ,right?

Think about this, the summation of 1 Corinthians 13: 5 is all about mannerly love. When we love someone we want to treat her/him with courtesy and respect (an element that is lacking in most relationships nowadays).  We don’t speak ill of them with friends, we lovingly correct the mistake and not be condescending.


” Chivalry is not dead”  was what my grandparents would always say, and manners should not die either. That is how we treat people and show our love for them.

The best Valentine gift we can give to our love ones are not the fancy cards, expensive dinners and glittery jewelries. I don’t have to spell it our for you, do I?

Happy Valentine’s Day.



9 thoughts on “Run Samson Run

  1. Lovely post.There are so many things in life more precious than gold.Authentic feelings,kindness,trust..Of course love.Have a happy Valentin’s day.jalal


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