James White refutes Gay Christianity of Matthew Vines

Gay Christianity refuted by Dr. James White.

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Matthew Vines gay christian

As more and more books are hitting the market promoting the idea that God permits homosexual relationship, the more urgent it is for Christians to know how to respond.

Among the popular books promoting the idea of the gay Christian is Matthew Vines’ book “God and the Gay Christian.”  James White has refuted this book in the following audio on Youtube.  Dr. White spends over 5 hours total to refuting Vines!

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3 thoughts on “James White refutes Gay Christianity of Matthew Vines

  1. The title of the book “God And The Gay Christian” is in and of itself, an oxymoron. God’s message is quite clear on the subject of same-sex relationships. It is a disgrace to Him…an abomination! It’s not a matter of being “PC” here, it is a matter of God’s law over man’s desires.

    And isn’t that the basis for conflict in many areas of our earthly life, not just homosexuality…



      1. No, but these things are bound to happen. Once the borders of Truth have been breached, things are not going to stop there!

        I believe I saw a couple, (man and woman), on the news who wanted to marry while they were still wed to other people. They wanted to stand up for bigamy/polygamy legalization…

        It will be troubling to see what other kinds of perversions of God’s pure law people want to destroy over time…



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