How To Win Life’s Battles

When faced with trouble, how many of us drop on our knees and inquire of the Lord instead of acting on impulse? How many of us turn to friends first or drugs or alcohol before turning to God first? How many times have we exhausted everything in our might only to turn to God as a last ditch effort?

God is no second best, not third nor last. He is our first line of defense in battling life’s circumstance. The God we serve is not just the God of good times, He is most of all the God of bad times.

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When fear and doubt hit us, we hit the prayer closet and inquire of the Lord. Sadly, it is not how it is with most people. Even believers sometimes fall for the enemy’s trick that God doesn’t care about our troubles. The lies Satan perpetuates may seem legitimate at the time and we accept it because our human nature is to throw a pity party with whines. The intoxication makes us doubt our Father’s power and love and we stay hungover with bitterness and fear.

We can learn from the biblical saints who displayed wisdom by trusting in the Lord, seeking Him first, trusting and waiting expectantly. Our Heavenly Father is madly, deeply in love with us and is always available to save us from our woes.

When they call to me, I will answer them;
    when they are in trouble, I will be with them.
    I will rescue them and honor them.
16 I will reward them with long life;
    I will save them.”
-Psalm 91:14-16


7 thoughts on “How To Win Life’s Battles

      1. Thank you so very much, I really appreciate your kind greeting. Have been very busy, but well. God is good! 🙂 Did a half marathon 2 weeks ago, and just got a post on it this past weekend.
        God bless, and take care! 🙂


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