Times of Refreshing

My devotion reminded me of a sermon from years ago about exposing your wound so it heals faster. As a child, that was always true. A scratch or a cut after washing with soap and water would be left uncovered as my mother would say it would heal fast. ( I thought maybe we just didn’t have the money to buy band-aid.)

The word refresh is defined as “to revive”, “to become fresh again”. One definition even described it as to undergo a change; become different in essence; losing one’s or its original nature.”  One perfect example is waking up refreshed after a rough long day. We are rejuvenated and recharged.

photo courtesy of :www.dorbena.com
photo courtesy: http://www.dorbena.com

Sin has a rotting effect on us. Like certain wounds, if not properly cared for can just eat away our flesh and cause infection and can potentially kill as well. It is like having a parasite living inside of us, slowly eating us from the inside. We get sicker and weaker and could be slowly dying.

When Peter noticed onlookers were amazed after healing a beggar (Acts 3), he took the opportunity to remind people to REPENT and to make things right with God. He urged  the people to turn to God so that their sins may be wiped out, “that the times of refreshing may come from the Lord”.

How many times have we heard of people feeling relieved after disclosing a secret kept for a long time?  How many times have we heard of people feeling the weight of guilt lifted off their shoulders after confessing or forgiveness? How many times have we nurtured a wound by keeping it covered only to find out that concealing actually made it worse?

It is no wonder why Peter said repentance merits refreshing. It is the mercy of our God that gives us respite. The forgiveness of our sins rejuvenates us and make us look at our circumstance differently. Repentance enables us to undergo change. It alters our essence for the better, losing the original rotten state in the exchange of a revived one.

Do you feel drained and empty?  Do you feel like sin is sucking the life out of you? Take a moment and hang out with the Father. Confess and repent, and be refreshed by the grace, mercy and love of God through Jesus.


One thought on “Times of Refreshing

  1. Such a great post, (wish I knew your first name…). This is such good advise, and we all need to take it. Spend time reflecting on how our circumstance has been changed by the love of God in Christ Jesus!



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