Spiritual Detox

There has been a rising awareness about GMO and its effect on our bodies. One doctor, I saw on TV a while back said that GMOs alter our DNA and one effect of consistently consuming food with GMO is sterilization  two to three generations down.

There are of course a lot of health practitioners telling us what to eat and how much, and what kind of food etc. It is practical and wise because we only have one body and we ought to take care of it. Not to go overboard though because  an imbalance in what we consume can cause certain deficiencies. So again, moderation and balanced diet is key.

There are certain religious groups advocating non-consumption of certain food because they are impure and they believe can cause them to sin, or certain rituals to be performed.

Jesus gave a succinct message to the hypocrites of his time when they questioned Him about letting the disciples eat with their “unclean” hands. They did not ask out of health concern, but rather to imply that the tradition they adhere to was violated and, therefore, made them unclean.

“Nothing outside a man can make him unclean by going into him. Rather it is what comes out of a man that makes him unclean”-Mark 7:14

He further explained that the food goes to the stomach and not the heart. (This, of course, will prompt people to say that cholesterol blocks the arteries etc.) but the context of the discussion was spiritual. The Pharisees and Jews were so legalistic that Jesus even said: “Are you so dull”? (v.18)

So what makes us unclean then?

Verse 20 enumerates what makes us unclean: This might as well be the bible’s version of Mandatory Labelling. ( Disclaimer should read: excessive use can lead to death).

  • evil thoughts
  • sexual immorality
  • theft
  • murder
  • adultery
  • greed
  • malice
  • deceit
  • lewdness
  • envy
  • slander
  • arrogance
  • folly

All those EVILS come FROM INSIDE and make a man unclean.

In this world we live in where people are desensitized and value earthly principles than biblical ones, pushing and promoting ideologies that may seem popular and right but in God’s economy, traditions and religious practices mean nothing. They don’t impress Him at all. What we say out of the abundance of the heart is a rather accurate barometer of who we are-believer or not.


22 thoughts on “Spiritual Detox

  1. Hi Prodigal! I’ve missed seeing you around. Love the post above. I really believe this is why God wants us to think on good and positive things. If we center our minds on His goodness, we may not have to “Detox” spiritually as often!

    (May I know your first name?)


      1. Always good to hear from you! So, goofing off in good ol’ Cali, eh…

        Yeah, we have a lot of hot weather, and it’s been humid more than usual this summer.

        Where have you been visiting? The state has been “under siege” what with the drought, wild fires, and humidity…

        Look forward to reading some new posts from you soon!

        Take care and enjoy…


      2. I stayed in San Jose the whole time, although we hung out in Carmel before going back home. The usual places we visited, nothing far or new. I just met with friends and relatives. The drought took a toll on everything. Cali is now the brown state. lol

        Liked by 1 person

      3. The brown and red state with all the wild fires! Of course they have been predicting a very active fire season this year due to the drought.

        Did you have a pretty good time? I’d love to say I visited Cali. and then went home! So tired of living here…



      4. There is I think a fire north of San Francisco when I left. Yeah, it is all different. I don’t miss the crazy Cali lifestyle at all. We were driving down 880 and we almost got into an accident. We already merged and one car running 75 trying to merge didn’t see us. I heard the loudest brake and horn at the same time. If my friend swerved all the way to the right, you would have read about us a week ago. It was crazy. One EMT driver on a separate day decided he wanted to make a right and cut us from the left lane. If I was texting, it would have been another accident. So, no thank you. There’s more quality life outside Cali.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Oh my dear, I’m so glad you weren’t hurt in either case! Yep, drivers out here are plain nuts. And I believe more drivers have guns and knives in their cars than valid driver’s licenses!

        Every day there are reports of “road rage” incidents…fights, stabbings, gun fire, stray bullets hitting innocent victims, etc.

        Oh if only I could get away from this crazy place! But it seems less likely as time goes by…

        Glad you and your friend got home safely! Enjoy your day today!!


      6. Oh, my wife doesn’t want to move away from the kids and grandkids. I’m serious when I say that’s about all that keeps me here…



      7. And you know, as much as I love the kids, (all hers from previous marriage), and the grandkids, (I just love them as mine), I feel more like living where I’d be happier with all other aspects of my life. Is that too selfish?



      8. Oh, if that day would just come…Time is not guaranteed to any of us. We make plans in hopes that we will be able to see them come true.

        I just don’t know…


      9. Wow…another “red flag” for me. I agree sometimes that we throw the book at some ppl for one crime, and let them off lightly on more serious transgressions.

        But to let people out of jail early sets a bad example for law abiding citizens, to say nothing of other prisoners. Do a better job of balancing the “time with the crime!”

        And about those idiot drivers! Wow, they are all over the Bay area, Sacramento, and LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



      10. I need no more myself, believe me! It’s just that I can’t conk my wife over the head like a caveman and haul her off to another state!

        Man, we were on the big local news last night for a “police involved shooting” in a neighborhood I was close to just yesterday!

        My little city is going rotten too!



      11. I live in a small town about 100 miles south of LA called Hemet. I came here several years ago because it was a smaller farming type community, but it is changing here too…



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