That Old Rugged Cross

The message of the cross is offensive, a fallacy, a fantasy and downright silly. No one believes in that story anymore. There is no God, no heaven or hell and definitely no Jesus who died on the cross to save mankind from their sins. That is totally some concocted story to control and threaten people to behave certain ways.

It is an old wives tale. It happened more than two thousand years ago and no longer applies to us now.  This is the generation and era of modern technology and self-sufficiency. We are able to achieve great things we never imagined would be possible. We can do anything we want, we take control of our bodies. This is the era of choice, of freedom, entitlement. We need to stay positive and happy.  We are who we are and we will live our lives unrestricted, to the fullest.

Is that weird?  It is to some, but not to many. No one wants to believe and follow God anymore because they look at it as a structured way to control. A distorted view of God is being preached and people run away with it as the truth.

The so-called religious gurus and preachers of today don’t preach about sin, nor the cross nor Jesus. “God wants you to reach your full potential and wants to bless you and enrich you”, is the common theme. No one preaches about being a sinner or calling out sin and asking people to repent and bringing people to Jesus for fear of offending them and leaving their churches.

The apostle Paul said:
The message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to those who are being saved it is the power of God.”-1 Corinthians 1:18

It is not religion we are preaching. Religion sucks. One can have a religion and still be totally lost without a relationship with Jesus Christ. It is not the wedding, it is the marriage. It is not the cross, it’s who died at the cross and the message of  the cross.

Don’t empty the cross of its power by not preaching Jesus and the message of the cross.


6 thoughts on “That Old Rugged Cross

  1. And yet, people of all ages are running off to highly radical terrorist groups, with more ridiculous rules and codes for living just to find structure. It doesn’t even matter that these organizations are rooted in pure evil! They would rather live in hate and death rather than in love and life!!

    Go figure…



      1. Ha, my father used to say something very similar: “Those who stand for everything, stand for nothing at all…”



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