Robin: A Lesson or Two

american robinI am privileged to see American Robins hanging out in our yard. Our regular visitors are a couple but the other day, I saw a teeny one frolicking in the back yard, too. Not only that, they sing all the time and the quietness of our neighborhood provides the perfect backdrop for the performance.

They love bathing in the bin at the end of our rain chain. Every time I am outside  they come out of nowhere to hang out with me. My little orange friends, I found out, enjoy the shower I provide them with my water hose!

This rainy morning didn’t prevent my little friends from their regular visit. They reminded me of Matthew 6:26. Day in and day out, they are just happy to sing, pulling out worms out of the ground and not a care in the world.I thought of buying them their own bird bath and feeder, and yet the scripture is alive and reminded me of how my Heavenly Father takes care of the birds and me!

It’s all perspective, sometimes defective
Grandiose illusion and twisted perception
Appreciate ev’ry small wonder
The Goodness of God, I ponder.

He provides for me, like the robin upon a tree
Singing gleefully and fed heartily
Father, please forgive me
I thought you didn’t care for me.

My wonderful Savior did me a favor
with singing robins of infectious ardor
Appreciate, be mindful that I have ample
I’m valuable than the birds,  and I am grateful.
-prodigal daughter


One thought on “Robin: A Lesson or Two

  1. We do well to always remember how loving and solid a Friend we have in the Lord. “I will never leave you, nor forsake you.” (Hebrews 13:5)



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