Bundle Blunder

Bundling, what a concept. More products for less fee and consumers are likely to say no.

Last Christmas while shopping, I encountered the funniest sales pitch ever.Yoga pants were on sale for $20.00 for 2 pairs. The sales clerk came up to me all perky and in her valley girl voice, she said: “These are a really great bargain. They’re $20 dollars for 2, but if you buy 1, it is for $10.00”. I said: “okay, thanks”, looked at the tags and the retail price for a pair was really $10! Despite her conviction and upbeat demeanor, it didn’t make sense at all.

I ran out of the store laughing that my husband thought I was crazy (coming out of the store empty-handed and still laughing??) I told him what happened inside the store and we both walked away laughing saying “but if you buy 3, it’s $30 bux”.

I can say that Christianity is not a popular “commodity” because it is a stand-alone product. It is not bundled with perks and other useless services. Some people approach Christianity as a club membership application. Just pay the fee and enjoy the facilities.

Unlike your regular country club, Christianity is less prestigious. Members are sinners, flawed and imperfect. Some facilities are not as modern and great looking. Although the fee had been paid off by Jesus’ death, membership requires obedience, endurance to oppression and a possibility of being an outcast by friends, family, and society.

It is never a bundle. You can’t be living a certain lifestyle and still go to heaven. You can’t claim to be a Christian and not follow Christ. You can’t buy Jesus and bundle him with other ideologies to suit your need.

God’s justification is freely given by GRACE,(emphasis mine) through the redemption that came by Jesus Christ. (Romans 3:23-24)

So, regardless of how lucrative Christianity is presented by some preachers and how they lure people to join for prosperity and  economic gain without touching on sins and salvation; and if Jesus is not preached, the only bundle one will get is the bundle of emptiness, deception and condemnation.


5 thoughts on “Bundle Blunder

  1. I like the “hook” in this post! One of my favorite lines here is: “Some people approach Christianity as a club membership application. Just pay the fee and enjoy the facilities.”

    They most certainly do. But one day these types of “Christians” will come to the big gym, (heaven), and find their membership has expired…

    Steve 🙂


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