Pride Is A Lonely Word

Pride is always tough to combat.  Pride (like anger) is like ingesting poison and expecting the other person to die.

Throughout the scriptures, pride is a major factor in man’s downfall. The Tower of Babel is one. People drowned because they mocked Noah and refuse to enter the ark.  Pharaoh experienced a lot of troubles and lost his son because of his pride.

Pride breeds disagreement and strife.  Pride goes before destruction. Some family members are estranged due to pride. A project is put in the back burner because of pride. Some people kill for pride.

Our Father detests pride.  Yet, we hold on to dear pride. Why?

I used to have that problem. I still struggle with it sometimes because every now and then, I would feel indignant over a correction or a criticism. Moving on is hard if the heart is not in its right place. I can say that about me. I refuse to compromise, I refuse to continue and I end up resentful.

The other day, I had an attitude adjustment when my devotion lead me to Philippians 2. The night before that, I received an email containing 15 bulleted items of feedback, instructions, criticism on a project I’ve been working on. The long and short of it, it didn’t sit well with me for a lot of reasons. While the feedback was constructive and helpful, I was a bit pissed because, at the inception of the project, those very same items had been suggested but happily extirpated. Correcting me for something I had known (but didn’t do per instruction) left a bitter taste in my mouth. I went to bed stressed out and mad.

So the following day, the Lord dealt with me and reminded me via Philippians 2 of the principle I used to apply at the workplace-servant leadership. Our Heavenly Father said to me “consider others better than yourself, don’t be conceited”. Ouch.

...consider others better than yourselves.-Philippians 2:3
…consider others better than yourselves.-Philippians 2:3

It hurt me more going to bed upset than being corrected by our Father,  and like I said after my devotion I was able to respond to the email appropriately, professionally and was able to do the necessary adjustments without harboring resentment.

You are halfway through your day and maybe someone is gonna cause you stress and grief. If you need an attitude adjustment, read Philippians 2. It is a game changer.

Happy Monday.


One thought on “Pride Is A Lonely Word

  1. Doing anything good is difficult if the heart is in the wrong place. That’s why God speaks so much about the heart, He wants sincere change. That comes from the heart. True change like dumping pride requires transformation from one frame of mind and action to another. It’s not easy nor an “overnight” thing for most people, but it takes work. Sometimes a life time of work…

    Steve 🙂


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