Truth in Advertising

Last night, the commercial about a retractable water hose came on and my husband said: “that is so far the only commercial as close to reality as possible.” He was talking about the part where the traditional hose would get all twisted and heavy. “I’ve seen you struggle with that thing in the backyard.” He went on to say that some commercials make us wanna say “it doesn’t happen that way, stop exaggerating.”

That is the thing with Christianity. It is never false advertising. What Christianity claims to be is true. It is the people practicing or not practicing it that’s causing trouble sometimes. Someone claims to be a Christian and automatically, that person is studied like a dissected frog in the laboratory. Is that why Christianity is hard to many? Is this why Christianity deemed outdated and not applicable to this generation anymore? ┬áChristianity transcends time, culture and age. Unlike in advertising, it can’t be tweaked and re-packaged to suit the target market. It is straightforward -what you read is what you get.

Followers of Jesus are walking billboards. We become target the moment we reveal our identity. Sometimes for oppression, but most of the time they really want to see if the Jesus we proclaim is making a difference in our lives.

If you are a believer of Christ and joy is not seen in your life, think again. If you proclaim Jesus and do the opposite of what He teaches, you are providing a great disservice and you will be accountable.

There is advertising, and there is truth in advertising.

Be a billboard today.

Be doers, and not just hearers.
Be doers, and not just hearers.

6 thoughts on “Truth in Advertising

      1. You are welcome! We need to share all good things which may be helpful to us in our lives and in our faith…



    1. Ha ha. There are actually a lot in the bible that can be tweaked and claimed as their own. In fact, when I have the time I want to start doing it again. I just need to re-read my Sunday School notes.


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