Perhaps, Today is a Good Day to Die.

Two deaths in one week.

One young at 45, the other was old at 94.  Two friends from two different worlds. Two lives, one destination. Both reached this death we dread. It is sad, but sadder still is the thought that others are dying without knowing where they are going.

They are in Heaven now with Jesus, and though they died they are alive.

To borrow that quote, and turn it into a question : “Perhaps , today is a good day to die? “  What’s on your to -do list today?, certainly not dying. But like my friends with two contrasting age differences, death came in the blink of an eye. They didn’t plan it, they didn’t expect it but happened nonetheless.

 For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain. Living a life with Jesus is good, but dying in Him is even better. Secure your place in Heaven through Jesus and perhaps one day , you too can say ” today is a good day to  die.”

Long fruitful life to everyone.


6 thoughts on “Perhaps, Today is a Good Day to Die.

  1. A very good post, PD! Many people struggle with the idea of death, and they always have. But the idea or goal for us is to avoid the “second death.” That is only done through finding Jesus Christ.

    Thanks for sharing this short but much needed thought!



  2. you have touched me. Thank you for your words of grace. Hey I am making a Christian project for YOUTUBE, with my friends, we r raising money for charity(starting this summer). Um for more info please go to my blog. ITs the one that’s say big announcement . Hope to talk soon. From ur friend Brandon. Also need followers and support.


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