But God

If you are in a healthy and wonderful relationship, I am happy for you. But we’ve all been in a crappy relationship at one point in our lives.  Think back and identify what made the relationship fail?

Relationship is hard, any kind. It requires patience and understanding to keep it going.  Forging a relationship is time consuming- at work, at home, at school, at church. But it is an investment that can potentially reap you profits if done the right way. But what is the right way?

Some relationships fail because there is no relationship! How is that possible? Any relationship exposes us and our vulnerabilities, and we fear that. When we bring to the relationship the bricks we use to shield us prior and we are impenetrable, the dynamic becomes more of performance rather than nurturing and understanding. “If I do this, maybe she will love me more”, “I’ve given you everything money can buy, what else do you want from me?” Or you may feel good about “working so hard for this family”, but missing out on making memories.

ropeThe same way works in our spiritual life. Before knowing the Lord Jesus, I was into rituals and tradition. I thought that doing and being good could earn me my ticket to Heaven. When I felt “dirty” and not measuring up I worked even harder, trying to impress God and keeping a tally sheet of all the good deeds I had done. I felt it was easy to pray scripted prayers for so many times a day. I thought performing rituals made me holier and closer to God. But can you relate when I say, despite the routine the emptiness was still there?

People who claim to know God can’t even vouch for his plan. They don’t even understand the plan. They refuse the relationship yet they want a part of the inheritance.

Using Bill Gates’ software doesn’t make you his business partner.  You can’t show up at his mansion one day and say, “dude, where’s my share?”  He’d slam the door on you and call security.

Christianity is not based on structured activities, it is based on relationship. God does not honor your good works  as ticket to Heaven. He desires to have a relationship with you through Jesus. He fixes broken relationships. You just have to be ready to reconcile.

Salvation is not a reward for the good things we have done, so none of us can boast about it.
-Ephesians 2:9


12 thoughts on “But God

  1. I like the way you make your points here, PD! We are not saved by actions nor deeds, but by grace. Our deeds do however need to reflect upon our Christian faith, compelled by our love for God’s mercy!



      1. Hi PD! Sorry you haven’t been blogging lately. I miss your posts as many of them are quite good.

        I’ve been pretty good. Got through my East coast vacation and had a good time. I was so worried about my bad legs but they got me through things, along with a lot of help from the sweet Lord!

        I believe that heaven is a “prepared place for a prepared people.” As long as we walk in the Light as He is in the Light, the blood of Christ continually cleanses us from sin.

        True Christians have the grace of God to secure our place in heaven. That’s a promise I trust in and lean upon always…we all need to trust in that!

        How have you been yourself? Steve


      2. What happened to your legs? I hope you feel better now. Ugh, I don’t like pain either. Well, I have been good.Nothing spectacular since my last trip to Cali haha. I will be in LA this month -Disneyland!! I want to start blogging again. I just got busy and sidetracked by a new hobby is all. Fall is here. Leaves are turning into gold here..lovely. Was it New York?

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Hey there lady! Well let’s see. I was born with a condition called “CMT.” It involves nerve damage to the lower legs and can take until the mid-30’s to start showing it’s effects. So since about 31, I’ve been dealing with it.

        It’s not painful but it limits balance and mobility, and there is no cure 😦

        As for your trip, come on out and enjoy some more of Cali…so many do. And if you like leaves turning color, how about brown? Trees, plants, grass, everything continues to brown-up in our drought…LOL!

        Yes we went to NYC, D.C., Baltimore, and Gettysburg. It was a bit early for the leaves to change color, but it wasn’t too early for rain! We got soaked and after getting dry and warm, it was so great!

        Glad to hear you’ll be blogging again. I’ll look forward to reading your posts! Steve


      4. Hey Steve, sorry about your condition. 😦 If it’s any consolation, heaven is gonna be full of glorified us..no more pain, no more headaches and nerve problems.I heard about the mudslide and flashflood in LA. Yeah your drought is sad, we need snow over here to replenish the lakes. God rain on us, but give us snow. It’s been showering here and it is beautiful. I always pray to rain in Cali.

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      5. Hi PD! Good to hear from you…

        Yes, heaven is my chance at a perfect body of some sort! But I am at least able to get around, not just as well as many people with “normal” legs. I am content with that for much of the time.

        And thanks for the prayers for rain/snow in Cali. We do need them both. They are predicting that El Nino for the winter months which could bring another 10-15″ of rain over Dec.-Mar. That sounds good, but too much at any one time could be a real problem. So hopefully if it does come in, it will be spaced out…


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