We Are Marked

When we were little kids we liked going to the store to buy soda, and we also liked going back to return the bottles. Why , the deposit money served as our service fee. This was when soda was still in bottles-not can or plastic. One way to insure and ensure that the store would not lose the bottles, was to impose a deposit.  You don’t return it, deposit forfeited. As simple as that.

As I was reading Ephesians 1:13-14, I was reminded of a theme. Yesterday I talked about identity. Today I’d like to briefly touch on the mark and the seal.

A pawnshop is a clear illustration of how it works. You pawn something for cash, and you can come back to redeem it on the set deadline, but you have to have the ticket as proof of ownership. No ticket , no redemption.  Just like the soda store, no bottle , no money.

When Jesus Christ left for Heaven, he must have known the unsettling feeling of his followers. The insecurity and the uncertainty that came with his departure could be liken to a child being left or abandoned by the mother. Scary.

But our God is an all knowing God and He is always prepared. He is not an Indian giver. He gave Jesus as a gift but we know that His place is not here. Instead, those who accepted Jesus received a mark and a seal, the Holy Spirit. That’s why the enemy can spot us easily. We have our identity in Christ. We have that mark.

It is comforting to know that I have the guarantee of redemption and inheritance. It is a promise I can hold on to. It is a spiritual paradigm shift. All of a sudden, nothing matters in comparison to what I will receive in the end.

Jesus is coming back to redeem his own, and He is gonna look for that mark and seal.

Be ready.


5 thoughts on “We Are Marked

  1. What a great example of how the Holy Spirit is our “deposit” on the salvation we have been promised! I carried my share of those pop bottles back to the store, and loved the fact I got money for gum or candy or baseball cards.

    Today I am happy to trust in the fact that salvation is promised to those who walk in the Light, and it is just as sure as those pop bottle refunds were…even much more so, and for greater value! Good post PD!

    BTW, how are you doing? When will you be posting again? Soon I hope…Steve


    1. Hi Steve, I am super distracted because of a new hobby, but I have been itching. I have been writing in my mind tho haha, but I need to type and get it out there. I will be in Cali this weekend again-Disneyland. And I have been good , thanks. Hope you are too.

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      1. Well this is a couple of days late, but hope you have/had a good time at “Mickey Mouse House!”

        Enjoy your weekend and yes, get some of that writing out on posts!

        Steve 🙂


      2. Hey Steve, it was National Lampoon, lol. More like vacation from hell. It was so hot in LA I had a heat stroke. We cut short our vacation and came home with a wrecked back and food poisoning. We cancelled Disney too because there was like a Halloween event that required us to exit by 6 or 7. To re-enter we’d have to pay again. Ugh. We are still resting and recovering lol. The only fun part was when we spent time with my brother-in-law and my uncle.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Aw PD, sorry to hear of all the problems and disappointments. Yeah, Disneyland has become so profit oriented since Walt died and his brother took things over.

        As for the heat…”that’s Cali for ya!” Not much relief from the sun. Whenever the weather people predict even a “touch” of rain, they are rushed off to have their head examined!

        They all put us on “Storm Watch” for .10″ of the wet stuff! It’s really silly to watch. Glad at least you got to visit with your brother-in-law and uncle…


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