Paul’s Life Hacks

I imagine Paul all talked out after his third visit to the Corinthians. He was frustrated but quite a straight shooter. If he were alive today and is tech savvy he would probably blog everyday and use all the social media platforms available to get his message across.  He could be appearing on TED and tweeting crazy like this:

LH 1: Be #perfect. 

#Perfection is a process. Like diamonds constantly getting cut and polished, we should strive for maturity and becoming more like Christ daily.

LH 2:  Be of #one mind.

In unity and agreement  as to the teachings of Christ and His grace. The mission of the gospel and the mission of the church. No compromising of faith. Be drawn only to the things of God.

LH 3: Live in #peace.

There is no peace in the wicked, so be obedient to God and maintain a harmonious relationship with people around you. Don’t incite hatred, promote Godly love.

#saintlykisses everyone.


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