My Body is Not a Wonderland

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In the old world, growing up with farmer ancestors we were exposed to everything simple, rustic and different. At a young age, we were taught to raise chicken (where we get fresh eggs for breakfast), plant vegetables in the backyard, fetch water and cook using clay pots and wood. No non-stick pans, no exhaust fans either. (We would also bathe and swim in the river with the animals. We co-existed peacefully.)

We would only use chopped wood and twigs to cook. We had to watch the fire as we cook, then we manually add or subtract wood to adjust the heat. A lot of work. No exhaust fan so it was like having a concert constantly blown  smoke with a smoke machine, worse than that actually. To avoid burning our hair, we used a long metal pipe (like the ones we used for our water now) to blow air onto the coal to keep it burning. I didn’t think of it as hardship but rather different and fun, I thought.

2353982225_7514027a7aThe pots were made of clay. We used them for cooking and the food tasted different, always delicious.We stored water in a bigger jars of clay and the water remained cold and fresh. Those were hand made and last a long time. But although they were quality made, they were prone to chipping and they break, eventually. When they break, they usually end up somewhere as a decorative piece.

And this is where I am going with my story.  2 Corinthians 4 talks about “treasures in jars of clay.”

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My body is not a wonderland. My body is a jar of clay. (That would make for a good bumper sticker huh? I should patent that to my name) If you are into pottery, you appreciate the value of one jar. The process to make one is tedious and requires attention. (I keep seeing Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze, but not that…erase.). From molding to drying to hardening to painting it, requires patience as well. Finished products would sell for a good amount of money.

God is the potter , we are the clay. He molded us and designed us to withstand the elements. You need proof? Read verses 8-9.

It continued on to say that we carry around in our body the death of Jesus-not one time, not sometimes but ALWAYS. Our body contains treasures in the death and life of Jesus Christ. We waste away, but we are renewed inwardly, everyday.

We put our expensive jewelries in the safe. We put important treasures in a safety deposit box- locked away, secured and guarded. We carry treasures in our body, won’t we take care of it the same way?

Two more days before Friday,  Blessings!

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11 thoughts on “My Body is Not a Wonderland

  1. I love this post. With all of the stuff cooking in the kitchen, despite the smoke, it probably smelled pretty good…unless you were boiling wash rags, (my grandma used to do that on the stove top!)



      1. Yep, she’d have a pot of boiling rags on one burner and a pot of turnip greens cooking next to them on burned two.

        Wow, what a stink! I guess I should be thankful she got all that smelly junk done at once so it was all done and finished…lol 🙂 !

        Gotta love her though…what a worker she was!!!!

        Hope your day is good PD…



      2. And she had to do it all before my dad got home…he wouldn’t stand for the smells in the house.

        But then he smoked a pipe in the evening! Funny, that always smelled good to me, but I was a teen and wasn’t home much…



      3. Was that the Summer or Winter blend of gas…haha! I loved my cars in high school and worked for a time as a “gas jockey” at an Exxon station.

        Now, I just think about how much driving I can get out of! And the things of God are those I seek after as well. We all need to do more of that!



      4. Well, I remember the gas lines of the 70’s and 80’s. We all thought we were “nuts” to go on odd-even days of the week for gas, wait in long lines, and pay an outrageous amount per gallon…upwards of 55-65 cents as I recall!

        Wow, I’m getting too old…lol!



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