Relax, Read a Book

Do you like reading?  What is your favorite book, then?

images (1)Faith aside, even for the unbelievers the bible must be one book you should try to read. If you want to approach and use it as a literary piece or textbook, in my opinion the bible is the most comprehensive book packed with all sorts of plot you can imagine-action, murder, drama, sex, friendship, betrayal. It is rich in history and futuristic references, too. The characters were  dynamic, interesting and intriguing. Even if you are not a believer, the bible should be in the bucket list of your must read.

For us Christians, the bible is our”user manual”. I can’t imagine any believer not reading or meditating on it.  Someone said that reading the bible cures insomnia. ( it was a joke we had back in Sunday School) funny but come to think of it, people actually fall asleep reading it hmm, anyway..

I have something to share (and I learned this as well) about how to enjoy our bible. There is no one right way to read the bible, but in my experience these work.

How to get the most out of your bible.

clock1. Set aside time.
Quiet time in the morning and devotion at night. Whatever time works for you, set aside a few minutes initially and gradually increase as you progress. Not to mention a spot where you can be comfortable but not conducive to sleeping. ( I avoid my husband’s chair because it makes me sleepy all the time).

4507007_G2. Get rid of distractions.
In college , I could study and review for exams while playing music in the background. Some people find it useful and stimulating but if you are easily distracted, then you are better off without it. Turn off your TV as well, and put your gadgets away because although we have bible study apps on the computer, we get sidetracked by Fb, messages and other “fun stuff”.

Start-Small3. Great things start from small beginnings.
Start with just one chapter a day and devise a plan. There are reading plans available online and you can use them as guide.

Strongs-Complete-Word-Study-Concordance4. Cross reference.
In college, I had a subject called Research and Methods. We cross reference and use other materials to support claim, or verify historical facts, etc. Use a bible concordance to aid you as you read, learn the original language if you can, and read the chapter in context. Some people take bible verses out of context to twist and fit their agenda.

pray5. Pray-before and after.
Ask for wisdom and understanding before opening your bible. Be open minded and teachable. Pray after reading and thank God for the lesson learned.

Dissect-the-Word-box-400x4006. Dissect what you read.
Meditate on what you read. This one is from Dr. Charles Stanley’s podcast. To get the most out of what we read, we should look for five (5) items:

a. sin
b. truth
e. blessing

studygroup7. Ask.
If you ever need clarification or just general question, do not hesitate to ask a pastor, or your group leader or a friend who can offer fresh insight. Join a group and learn together. Utilize your FB network for resources and knowledge base,if you must. (Just practice discernment and sound judgment, avoid trolls.)

8. Application.
It’s now time to put what you read in practice. Remember, practice makes perfect.:)

If you have suggestions or ways that are helpful to you, please be a friend and share.

Have a blessed Monday, everyone.

*all photos were taken off google.


9 thoughts on “Relax, Read a Book

  1. Excellent post. My Bible stays open in front of my desktop computer ALL the time, because the primary thing I do here is write my Bible study blog. I find, because it’s always there, that I make lots of forays into at other times when I’m on my computer. Gets to be a habit 🙂 Of course, this is my study Bible; it is not the one I take to church or to bed or to my chair in the morning for my coffee start-up. Which gets me to thinking about how much we take having a Bible for granted; several Bibles, even, when so many around the world have no access to a Bible. And for some, even if they have one, they have to keep it hidden.


    1. Yup. I remember back in the 80s I used to receive newsletters from all over Asia, China specifically where bibles were banned and burned. Bibles were contrabands. There was even a time when the bibles were printed sooo small and people had to use magnifying glasses just to read them. The things we take for granted are the things that cause other people’s lives huh?

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  2. Getting rid of distractions can be hard when we live in a world that is so “connected” but it’s so important! Awesome blog, I love your faith & I totally agree, the bible is a “must read” book for sure!

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    1. it is never easy Licy-Be. I am guilty of that sometimes, that is why I wrote it. It takes conscious effort. But God understands. He is not gonna not bless or listen to us when we do that kind of thing. I guess, as we mature in our relationship with the Lord, we realize the time we give Him are always just surplus of our own time. It is easy to drift with 500 cable channels. So, I hope this helps. Thanks for reading.


  3. When I was a young girl, I met my husband Manuel and fell madly in love. It wasn’t until after we were married that I discovered his well hidden secret of not being able to read. I was raised a Catholic, but had not come to the Lord yet, and started teaching him to read from the Bible. We read together everyday. He was a good student. I believe that God planted the seed then and honored our reading so that we would come to Him later. And we both did.


    1. Hi Patty, that is one thing I always find amazing. God’s faithfulness and how he works. When you mentioned planting the seed and honoring your reading, there is great joy in knowing that we can overcome any obstacle with His guidance and help. Who would have thought, right? 🙂

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