Honorable Mention

This morning news reported on a celebrity known for being a “humanitarian”, and how a war hero is her inspiration. She had a photo op and video clip of her looking at his stuff. Respect for the veteran, not so much for her. She is showcased as a tender human being who cares for the less fortunate when she can’t even forgive her own father ( did not even invite him to her own wedding). In my opinion, that is so hypocritical.

Christians are watched the same way. We are given scrutiny to see if what we say is what we do.  When we declare our identity with Christ, we are accountable and should have an accurate representation of who we follow. We are ambassadors and people are watching us.

Celebrities have their own drumbeaters, politicians have their own publicists and every move is reported, and they are painted a certain way. Sometimes true, most often not. People help people for a lot of different reasons. Doing something humanitarian and make a grandstanding of it for selfish reasons.

...into the world.
                    …into the world.

Today, I would like to honor the less recognized people doing something most of us won’t and can’t do. They are brave, obedient and selfless. They sacrifice to go outside their comfort zones and beyond their safety nets.

I would like to honor the missionaries with the heart to share the good news and win people to Christ.

No one is reporting on them, no one is covering their every move. No photo op to make them look great and noble. Oftentimes, they are featured as an after thought-killed, abducted and suffered for a greater cause of proclaiming Jesus and His salvation.

Bless them and pray for them
              Bless them and pray for them

Let us remember the many missionaries willing to do what most of us can’t do. Let us offer them prayers and bless them the best way we can. They aren’t after publicity and recognition. They do it for the Lord, and the least we can do is remember them at the throne.


Please take off your shoes.

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