Sunday School 101

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Imagine the Brady Bunch on a Sunday morning, getting ready for Sunday School. Yeahhh..! If you are from a big family, you will understand what I am talking about here. Seven kids!

Getting up early so you could beat the rest of your siblings to the bathroom? Everybody’s scrambling to finish breakfast, drying hair and ironing clothes. I could be waking up early but by the time everybody was ready I would have spent an hour waiting but  we couldn’t all fit in the vehicle anyway, so I’d usually just walk to church -a good 30 minutes if I brisk walk. (Going back home to what looked like a tornado-ravaged zone is another story- clothes all over the place, dishes in the sink,etc.)

Maybe some kids don’t like going to Sunday School but I did. I was thrilled to see my “classmates” and I really had fun being in that group. Not to mention my teacher was funny, so it all worked out.

Acronym was fun and effective way to teach and learn. I would like to share some here with you.  It is just a guide not a legalistic ritual, so relax.

1. How to pray: ACTSPrayConstantly

Adoration. Praise and Worship first. It’s all about God and we worship in truth and spirit. Praise is the joyful recounting of all God has done for us. Worship is to humble ourselves before God and adore Him for who He is.

Confession. Ask the Father to reveal to us any unconfessed sin, so that we may repent of it and make it right with God. I always remember Psalm 139:23. Don’t forget to thank Him for the forgiveness, too.

Thanksgiving. This is where we can go crazy. Just thank Him for everything. From Jesus’ death, to salvation, to last night’s rain. No holds barred.

Supplication. Is the time to bring to our Heavenly Father all our cares, burdens and requests. Remembering people with prayer requests, pray for our nation, pray for leaders and more. He honors the prayers of the righteous.

This one was from Dr. Charles Stanley when I listened to his podcast awhile back.

2. When not to decide: HALTdecision-making-processes1

Hungry. Remember Esau’s story.

Angry.  Don’t let anger control you. Think back to when you were raging mad and acted on something. I know..ugly huh?

Lonely. “Owner of a lonely heart is much better than an owner of a broken heart.” (That’s a song) Meh, neither. But deciding solely on what will make you happy instantly could lead to a regrettable moment later on.

Tired. “I will sleep on it”. There is wisdom in that because when we are tired and with some level of sleep deprivation, our brain functions like that of a drunk.

I’m sure there’s more. Feel free to add your Sunday School acronym to the list.


GRACE  –  Gods Riches At Christ’s Expense by Fantastic Betty.


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