Where’s the Coffee in Coffee Cake?

coffee-cakeI was watching a video instruction on how to make “coffee cake”, but I finished the video and didn’t see the coffee in the ingredients. (I was maybe thinking of Kahlua syrup). Sooo, dinner time I candidly said to my husband “where’s the coffee in the coffee cake? There is no coffee in coffee cake???  Laughing at me he said:  “You are like Jessica Simpson, are buffalo wings from buffalo meat? honey, you eat the cake with coffee, that’s  why it’s called coffee cake.”.  LOL …oookayy!

Last Saturday, we went to the store and while browsing through shampoos I saw one brand I like and it has melon in it , I picked it over avocado which they claim have real fruit extracts. At the kitchen isle,  I got me a dish soap with Hawaiian Aloha as scent and the other one has Citrus energy (no real lemon or citrus fruit in there).

Last stop was juices. I like my OJ with the most pulp. While waiting for hubby, I looked through the punches and other juices, they don’t have real fruit juice in the drink. It was all artificial.

I’m blogging this just for fun because every time I go to the bathroom and I see my shampoo, I would absent-mindedly smell my hair and go “mmmm, melon..”  and I couldn’t stop laughing. Then..light bulb!

warningaaI read an article about a minister pastoring a church, but he doesn’t believe in God. He said his church is a bring your own god church. He doesn’t believe in Jesus and Christianity, yet he is offended when people tell him he is not a Christian.

Christian without the Christ is..?

The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.”
(Psalm 14:1)

Go figure.



10 thoughts on “Where’s the Coffee in Coffee Cake?

  1. If I had a food question sheet from, I dunno, a food marketing team (Stay with me here, it gets better) I would outlaw Coffee cake. Cake and Coffee tastes have no business being in the same taste palate category



    1. I have actually never eaten a coffee cake. I thought it really contained coffee so I wanted to bake it. But maybe, I still will and give away to neighbors 🙂 You want some before you pass your bill to outlaw it? :p


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