The Street You Call Home

compasionate-loveI briefly skimmed through an article saying Jesus was homeless so be emphatic or be kind or something to that effect. The socio-economic issue of homelessness is a sticky subject and  I don’t know the circumstance that landed them in that situation, so there is no judgment. I  just wanted to give my spin to the story.

Some people are compassionate towards them, some are indifferent. Different people, different reasons.  Fair enough statement, yeah?

When I was living in the Bay Area, I was a volunteer in one of our church homeless ministries through Abode. Another ministry team would go to the Tenderloin district of San Francisco and Oakland, where they distributed toiletries, food and just hang out sharing with them the love of Jesus.  Where I live now, my husband and I are also involved in feeding and blessing the homeless.

As followers of Jesus, we are  to love one another and help the poor, to name a few.  I was just instructed when I read the phrase, Jesus was homeless. It wasn’t so much about being homeless that bothered me, it was the incompleteness of the thought and the attachment of unnecessary guilt. Just by simply saying “Jesus was homeless too, you’d do to him what you would do to me,  so give.” That is manipulation, an emotional blackmail even.

True,  Jesus was homeless …but he was not lazy. 

Again, there are homeless people but are still employed. There are homeless people who are proactively seeking help and assistance, there are homeless people living out in the cold. There are homeless people who don’t know what to do or where to go. There is HOPE, and help is available.

alternatives-to-homelessnessBut if you are in your twenties, strong and asking me for money while you smoke your vapor-less cig?  I am a believer who will help, but I am not an enabler.

Jesus was a poor man until he died. But all his living years , he was working and built a career preaching,  performing miracles, raising people from the dead, casting out demons. He travelled, made and trained disciples. He was active and didn’t waste any time just being a busybody. He didn’t just sit in the curb, asking people for money.

If Jesus were to  walk the street of O’Farrell in Sanfo or Hastings in Vancouver, I believe that he would have compassion, he would feed them, preach to them but in the end Jesus would offer them something to do, like fish for people. Or refer them to agencies dedicated to help. There are agencies that help house the homeless while they transition. They teach them skills from resume writing, acing the interview , and other type of coaching until they are able to find a job and afford a rent, somehow.

homeless-laptopIf your homelessness is a lifestyle, I refuse to support that lifestyle.  I won’t pay for your coffee, nor your gas. If you don’t work you don’t eat.  If you are homeless because you are unfortunate despite your efforts, help is available.–Homeless

Some, if not all would not go through the program and surprisingly go back to the streets for various reasons. One could be fear. Fear of the responsibility, it could be just plain laziness maybe, lack of motivation.  I don’t know. Whatever it is, our hope is to lessen if not eradicate homelessness and help in our own little way; but for those who are young and able to work, roll up your sleeves and stretch your muscles.

You are not victims, and you can get out of the rut if you are willing.


2 thoughts on “The Street You Call Home

  1. I think some people are indifferent because you see them day after day and like I said , there are “legitimate” unfortunate homeless people. In my 3 years of working in San Francisco, every morning this guy is just roaming around the BART station asking for money and he is to me able to move and walk, he hangs out in Union City ALL day asking for money. And he drinks Starbucks too, every morning-no fail. LOL I mean come on now.

    I suspected that he had more daily money than me,lol


  2. Great article to shed more light on the human tragedy of homelessness..l visit Down Town Los Angeles once a month and l see hundreds of them ,l have talked to few of them .Best regards


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