Where Would You Be When Jesus Returns?

1110-5th-raise-hand_blog1My interest in eschatology started even before I became a Christian.  I remember reading a book with pictures depicting scenes from the bible and at age 9, I was already standing in front of the class proudly explaining and sharing my head knowledge of the scriptures. We were not a Christian family yet neither was my school. I remember being the only one raising hand to answer questions by the the community catechist.

Attending church was more of a duty and a way to just hang out with my playmates. But eventually, I started asking questions about a lot of things, practices and tradition that didn’t make sense to me. 

One day I was laying in bed and I started thinking about me dying, I think I was 14. I thought of where I would go after I die and I imagined me floating in the vast darkness of the universe, I got scared. grand_universejpg

I am not for mysticism. I believe that God’s design is divine yet practical. But why create me if I were to die anyway, and where would I go afterwards?  I was sent to camp ( an evangelical one) at age 15  and I learned about Jesus-his death, his salvation and his return. I was surprised to learn that He will come back… for me! I had not heard that in 14 years! I became a Christian and my life was never the same again.

Suddenly, there was something to look forward to. The thought of death was not morbid anymore. Jesus coming back, seriously? Can you believe that?

jesus-second-comingThere’s truth and there’s absolute truth. Regardless of what most people believe, God’s story stands true and is infallible. Jesus is coming back soon and here’s the low-down: (at least some. and I won’t expound but I encourage you to read and check for yourself).

“When you see these things happening, know that the kingdom of God is near.” – Luke 21:31

1.  Wars and Rumors of Wars  Just watch the news and hit the internet.
2. Famines and Earthquakes, Pestilence too
3. False Prophets, teachers and counterfeit believers
4. Jews returning to Israel (Read the last verse closely)
5. Lawlessness and loss of love

Harold Camping predicted that the world was going to end on May 21, 2011 but when it did not happen, he casually changed it to October of the same year. It was crazy but the crazier part was that there were people who actually believed it!

As to the time and day of Jesus’ return, Mark 13:32 tells us that no one knows except ONLY the Father. As we wait, we can only live our lives as followers of Jesus, fulfilling our mission, bearing fruits and always be alert.

Everyday could be the day, but where would you be on that day?

*all pictures were taken off google.


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