We All Need Yeast

IMG_6147I am an excellent cook but I am a terrible baker. I have tried many times to bake and I have never really succeeded. Regardless of how careful I follow the steps I would always end up with rocks. We cook with ingredients and we bake with a formula. So naturally a miscalculation could be potentially futile. I know because I have been there.

A month ago I tried baking bread from scratch. With the internet offering a lot of suggestions and ways to do it, I chose the wrong tutorial. An over eager wanna-be baker like me rushed the process and in the end, I was able to bake bricks. It was a waste although the experience was fun and I started asking where I went wrong.

My sister has done this and I asked her how she does it. She offered me pointers and a link to the tutorial she has used. Debating over yard work or baking, I chose the latter. With so much hope and confidence I started the routine and right away I could tell that I was doing something right. It thrilled me despite the mess.

… a little yeast leavens the batch of dough

Yeast played an essential part of it and lots of patience, too.  Kneading and letting the dough rise determine the outcome of the baking process.

Heaven is like a leavened bread.  A majestic kingdom with small beginnings.

You could go both ways. You can liken the yeast to sin that corrupts or could be the growth of the gospel in our lives. Either way, a little yeast of sin can lead to a whole defiled body and a little word of God slowly can grow and increase overtime.

Yeast is the answer, patience is the key.


Please take off your shoes.

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