A Photoshopped Life

I love Photoshop.

photoshop-master-you-are-train-harder-you-mustWhen I learned it ten years ago, the first thing I did to my pictures was make me a celebrity or a jetsetter, then smoothen my skin, remove eye bags etc.  My husband (he was still a boyfriend) sent me a baby picture of himself with missing front teeth. I returned the picture to him with a full set of permanent white teeth, lol.

In 2003, I started doing selfies with my digicam basically just to channel my inner Narcissus, and  I would use my pictures to perfect how I should look like. From straight hair to smaller waist to inserting my pictures next to a celebrity-you get the picture. I am happy with the way I look, I am blessed with good genes (modesty aside) but somehow I was curious to see if I could still improve me just for fun.

db7c27b317deb753071ccb869436cfd79eb0bc3bd90ac70c09424e76f17f7188Fast forward to now and everything is photoshopped! The photoshopped version of life is always presented as the preferred reality. On Facebook alone, there are a plethora of doctored pictures. Some are funny but most are just a sad representation of how poor and distorted society’s view of beauty is.

The pressure is too much and the stakes are high. If you don’t have flawless skin, you are ugly. If you are not slim you are ugly. Magazines feature unrealistic presentation of both men and women–glowing skin, white teeth, smaller waistline to name a few.  We started disliking the way we look to the extent of untagging a less flattering pictures of ourselves on Facebook.

A friend once complained to me about another Extreme-Photoshop-Makeover-photoshop-3515453-1432-1089friend: “she keeps tagging me but I look fat in all the pictures”.  In my head I was telling her ” but you are fat”.  Not to be mean but I’m not blind and I’m sure our friends can see that too.

A bad profile or a bad shot won’t and can’t define you. That is your face and your body, so embrace it. I accept you just the way you are.

“The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”-1 Samuel 16:7

When we focus on what we don’t have, we are planting resentment and discontent in our hearts. When we begin to look at what we have, we begin to be more appreciative, grateful and content. We may see others as taller than us or slimmer than us, it’s okay. I guarantee you that even the prettiest amongst us long for something that we already have.

Take comfort that we are the apple of God’s eye, and that we are wonderfully made!  Photoshop is fun but it’s not real. God loves you just the way you are.


One thought on “A Photoshopped Life

  1. Hello, I found your blog because of your reply on Harsh Reality, OM’s blog! I blog about what I am learning as I read and study the Word, hope you will check it out here – https://fantasticbettyblog.wordpress.com/
    I liked this post very much. It is sad how much emphasis is put on appearance but you are certainly correct, God looks at the heart. Everything we see and possess will disappear one day and the “standards” of beauty change over time. I am so grateful God knows me inside and out and He created me just as I am!!

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