Ministry Matters™ | 50 shades of sadness

Ministry Matters™ | 50 shades of sadness.

Far from a depiction of love or romance, “50 Shades of Grey” is a story of abuse. The film’s story makes clear (even if this reality is never explored with any depth in the plot) that Christian Grey was sexually and emotionally abused by a friend of his mother’s beginning when he was fifteen. Tragically, he grows up to become an abuser himself. “50 Shades of Grey” is then the story of the emotionally abusive relationship he enters into with Anastasia Steele.


2 thoughts on “Ministry Matters™ | 50 shades of sadness

  1. It is alarming that a lot of people hail this as a romantic literary/movie material. Media has been crazily promoting this since the book came out. Young adults, teenagers even are so excited about it but when the movie came out, it was a flop. Still, like I always say in my blog we are so desensitized that people’s values and perception are so distorted. There goes the future of our nation. And I am sorry about your experience but proud and happy for you that you are moving forward. God bless you Ktkat.


  2. YES. Thank you. As a survivor of abuse I wish more people would see/understand this. It deeply saddens me that the public at large is unfazed by this atrocious book/movie franchise.


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