Just Ask

This year I am gonna ASK more.

askI have seen a lot of posts playing the guilt trip about asking God. On FB alone, posts about asking and attaching guilt to it could really mess with your head. They tell you to praise more and ask less, to thank more and ask less, to worship more and ask less, to give more and ask less.

While those are essential for Christian living and is worthy of another discussion, asking is not a bad thing. Some preachers would go to the extent of shaming us about asking. When I read posts about ask shaming, it bothers me because that is not the God I know and serve. The God I know and have a relationship with is a generous God who is very unmindful of the times I ask.

In the past year, I have asked God repeatedly. I don’t think he minded because He kept giving. When someone shames a believer for asking the Lord too much and attaching guilt to the act, not only that it is not biblical, they also they paint a different picture of God from generous to conditional. Our asking ( and God’s giving) is not dependent on the amount of times we praise and worship. God cannot be manipulated that way. God is wise and knows what’s best for us. 

When we ask, we shall receive is what Matthew 7:7 is about.  John 14:14 says “anything” asked in the name of Jesus will be done.  The Lord’s prayer instructs us to ask the Father DAILY for our needs. God’s nature is different from human nature. While we put limit to what and how people ask us, God’s resources is inexhaustible. We cannot outprayed him and we cannot drive Him crazy by our asking. He delights in blessing us.

Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete

If our Father is willing to give us a kingdom, why would he hold out on us on small stuff?  When he instructed us to pray for our daily needs, it is dependence on Him that He is teaching. He didn’t say “give us today our monthly bread”, it is daily. It is constant asking and dependence on Him. We are not self sufficient and when we say stop asking God too much, it is saying that we are self sufficient when we are not.

We ask for what we need and oftentimes for  what we want. God is not irresponsible and foolish. He gives us what is in accordance to His plan and his will. We can pray for things that we want, but God gives what we need. When we ask, He checks our hearts and our motives. Again, like I said he can’t be manipulated. ASKING is not a bad thing. God takes pleasure in His children depending on Him for everything-big or small.

Our Father is rich and He wants us to ask so he can bless us. 2 Chronicles 1:7 is proof that God is not stingy and is always waiting for us to ask.

“Ask for whatever you want me to give you.”

No qualifiers, no condition, no guilt, no shame. Just ASK.  The devil wants us to believe a lie that God is holding out on us. That God is annoyed at our constant asking. That is not true. That is not the God I serve.

Ask God for:

1. Healing. As we age, our body slows down. God is the great physician. He can take care of my migraine as He can take care of cancer.

2. Protection. Pray that no tragedy comes to your family. He sends angels to protect us Psalms 91:11

3. Salvation. Pray for your friends, family and for the rest of the world to know God and receive salvation.

4. Provision. We are valuable than birds and yet, God is taking care of them. Ask for our daily bread.

4. Whatever You Need-big or small. Ask in the name of Jesus and give back the glory when He answers you.  If what we ask for is in His will-it will be given. God is not stingy. He is not irritated when we ask too much.

I know.


7 thoughts on “Just Ask

  1. Again another very Godly post. So many people are just not using prayer in any circumstance unless they are in trouble or sitting down to eat. We need to know the full advantages of prayer…it’s the most intimate connection we have with God!



    1. It is a lifestyle and a habit. I believe that people don’t pray often because they do no have a personal relationship with God, and I don’t mean that to be “I am holier than thou”. The more we know God, the more we want to talk to Him and bug him, haha. Our Heavenly Father is very personal and intimate and He doesn’t mind being bugged at all:)

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      1. Such words of maturity and praise! You are right, I’ve said it myself. In fact, I call Christianity a “way of life” as it transforms us like nothing else can do!

        Yes we live in a sinful world. Yes we will “slip” into sin at times. But we have cleansing from the blood of Christ and our sins are continually washed away…(1 John 1:7).

        The one who would accuse you or any Christian of being a “holier than thou” type, simply doesn’t understand the relationship that can be had in Christ Jesus…

        And prayer is so much a part of our life with God!

        Enjoy your weekend…



  2. First, I want to say that I totally agree with this post. God wants to give us good things, just as any loving father wants to provide for his children. He takes joy in giving us what we ask for.

    Second, Vicki, I am so sorry for the pain you obviously are experiencing over your daughter. There is nothing more difficult to accept than that a loved child has chosen a dangerous path. I agree with Prodigal Daughter. Prayer is really your only resource right now. I would like to encourage you to be prepared to assume custody of the child, though, if that need should arise. Neither of her parents seem fit to care for her properly. It would be sad indeed to see her become a ward of the court and be put into the foster care system.

    Sometimes the most difficult thing we are asked to do is to let go of a loved one. Taking your hands off doesn’t mean you no longer care; it simply means you realize that you have done all you can; that you will continue in prayer, and that you will stand ready to help if and when the opportunity arises.

    God bless you. I am praying for you.


  3. Please pray for my daughter, Mary. She is almost 30 yrs. old- a single mother with a 5 yr. old son. She has always been rebellious, unconventional–never learns from her mistakes. She has a gifted IQ but was a low achiever in school, fired from every job she ever had for irresponsibility, inappropriate dress, constant tardiness. In school her teachers always said she was so bright, but no promises of special privileges or prizes were ever enough to motivate her. She is also beautiful, funny. Her dad and I are besides ourselves. She is jeopardizing custody of her child. Over a year ago she met a 50 yr. old man who has counseled her against her family (she works for her sister and BIL), has pitted her against me too. Now he has moved to another state and she says she is going to take her son and move there – they might get married. God forbid! Our grandson’s father says she is threatening him that she will use his PTSD and marijuana use against him in custody–We know that she also uses marijuana and drinks heavily. Actually I believe they are both alcoholics (she and the father of our grandson). Do you have any counsel for me? I am praying for her salvation–she has no interest in Church.


    1. Hi Vicki. Thank you for stopping by and thank you for sharing your burden. Be known that I am praying and will continue to pray for Mary and her circumstance and all the people involved in this. I am sure that anyone who will see your comment will include you in their prayers as well.

      If Mary has not accepted the Lord Jesus yet, the only thing you can do really is pray for her salvation. We know that there is deep seated reason for her rebellion and the least she needs is someone closing the door on her.

      In your own might, it is impossible to make her do the right thing because in her own mind she is doing the right thing. Is your line of communication open? Remind her that Jesus loves her but don’t force her to embrace something that she can’t understand yet.

      Let her understand that you are a mother first and that is important. Let her know that while you do not agree with her plans (she doesn’t need your approval), that she can always come to you for counsel, if and when she needs it. Let her know that you are praying for her because Vicki, God honors the prayers of the righteous. Second, God loves Mary and desires to save her.

      You and your husband (and myself and the rest) are going to be praying for the following:

      That our Heavenly Father will send someone to minister to her.
      Let’s also pray that Jesus reveals and manifests to her in ways she can understand and grasp, and that her veil is going to be lifted so she is able to see the truth.

      I do not discount our Heavenly Father’s power and ability to change life, never. Just remind her that Jesus loves her and leave the rest to God. Be specific when you pray and just trust that God is faithful.

      Isaiah 55:11 says that God’s word doesn’t return to Him empty, but will accomplish His desire and achieve the purpose for which he sent it.

      Our Lord Jesus is peace and order and all about restoration.

      It is my prayer that you find strength in Jesus and His grace.


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