Who Is Looking Out For You?

My hope is in you, Lord.
My hope is in you, Lord.

Last Saturday, my husband picked me up. When he got to where I was he suddenly remembered that he forgot to take the key to his other car. Why that was important is only because we recently listed our house and it is now open to public for viewing. There is a bit of insecurity, knowing that people go in and out of your property and you are not totally moved out yet.(..and we can’t be in the house during the tour).

So I called our realtor and asked him to get the key for safekeeping and that we would just get the key the next day.  I called him at 1pm and he ended the open house at 5 but we didn’t get home until 9.

photo courtesy of google
photo courtesy of google

As soon as we pulled in front of the house, I immediately jumped out of the car but in my peripheral vision I saw my husband ducked and picked something from the ground. “What is it?” I asked. “It’s my car key!” “No way, really?”

He said he had the urge to look down and when he did he thought he read “MACH1″, but he really did!

We laughed about it and as if talking to our realtor I said in a funny voice ” Well, the keys were safer in the dresser. We didn’t tell you to take it out of the drawer to put on the ground for anyone to pick up”.

Going in the house,  my husband in an almost epiphany kind of moment said ” God must really love me. He made me look down the ground.”  In all confidence, I said to him ” God is looking out for us.”

My devotion this morning confirms that : “The Lord is good to those whose hope is in Him.”-Lamentations 3:25a

Don’t go looking for big miracles. The Lord Jesus is in the details and it is sooooo good!


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