Prepare To Meet Your Maker

That line is usually a sign that the movie is about to end and the villain is well..about to die.  Action movies even comedies use that line to signify the end and again, death.

er, umm (cough)…I hope I’m not interrupting ..?

The topic of death is an enigma in itself. To some people or culture,  talking about death is taboo. It is always associated with gloom, overwhelming sadness and fear. The morbidity of death freaks us out. It is just some ugly truth that we just refuse to face. After all, death is depicted as the phantom silhouette  with a sickle, pretty scary huh?

The bible hashtags death from the Garden to The New Jerusalem-it’s trending! Yet no one is Liking  it.

I am not writing about what others believe, but to Christians there is no finality in death. It is in fact living.

When Amos prophesied  to the Israelites and outlined God’s judgment, the Lord said  in v.12 “prepare to meet your God, O Israel.”  It was not to say they will literally see God face to face (not yet)  to me it meant that the Lord will manifest His wrath and with a heavy hand the Lord will deal with their disobedience and rebellion and yeseventually there will be death because it is inevitable.

Another dimension to death is that we really are going to see the Lord face to face. God always provides us with a way out SEEK THE LORD AND LIVE.

Welcome. I've longed to see you. I love you.
Welcome. I’ve longed to see you. I love you.

In Christ, we live to die so we can live again and forever. Isn’t that a comforting truth?  Dying,  my friend is not the issue. The real issue is: Are we prepared to meet Our Maker?  There’s a way.

Understanding the essence of death makes living worth dying for.

Have a blessed day.



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