Have You Had These?

images (32)I hurt my back some 15 years ago. I think I started feeling the pain from wearing heels. The pain in my back was initially diagnosed as DDD or Degenerative Disc Disease. I opted for just therapy and seemed to work but few more years later it progressed from DDD to Herniated Discs-L4-L5. The epidural I took in 2004 lasted until 2010. And my battle with back pain started since then.

In 2011, the pain became aggressive and unbearable. I would have sporadic pain all the way from my neck down to my toes. Going down the stairs was as painful going up. Pulling up the sheets felt like my muscles were being torn to tiny pieces and my joints were always burning (if that makes sense). Chronic was not my favorite word then, it is still not today.

The pain stayed with me for 2 years – x-rays after x-rays, blood testing and all and they could not tell me what’s wrong with me. All I got for the most part was that I was just getting old,  lol.

I was even diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2011, given meds I never took  (but you know what?  There was a prophetic healing Sunday at church last year, I was prayed over ) and this year when I had another check up, the doctor said “you don’t have fibromyalgia” after poking me and bending and stretching me and what not. Hallelujah!

I felt silly telling him I had that though,  but hey I was just going with what the previous doctors told me.


July of last year, I hurt my back again cleaning the tub and took what seemed to be forever to get the treatment I wanted. Well I didn’t really know what I want except for the pain to go away and this is what I have been getting lately.


The procedure I have been going through is a test before the big procedure (which I will type later. Not explain because in my own words it sounds funny when I tell friends about it).  To isolate and determine where the pain is coming from aside from I got the first procedure and was injected pain blocker medicine to my sacroiliac joint.  Boy, did it hurt so bad!  But I felt better soon after,  although  there was still a bit of a lingering pain, and you have to have that pain to get to the next test. (Rocket Over to TEST #2)===>

images (31)

images (30)


This test was relatively easy. Not as painful as the first -just the initial poke was like ant bites and pressure all over lumbar area. It felt weird but yeah why wouldn’t it feel weird? Only three long needles poking you in the back!  Unlike the first test, my pain this time completely disappeared. I was able to wear my pants without laying in bed and I could finally bend and tie my shoe laces!

download (6)download (5)


I tell my friends, “they will burn my nerves” and they go “so you will be running trying to put out the fire screaming?”  Ha ha! The right term might be cauterize?  I dunno. *shrugs. I have yet to get  this procedure this Friday so I can’t say much about this. But if anyone of you have done this, you may share your experience with us.

Please pray for me on that day.It will be performed in the morning. I hope it takes care of my pain. Oh by the way, we are only doing the right side. Left side to follow soon as I am able to do the procedure all over again.

Thanks for reading and I would like  to hear your stories.


So I went to have this procedure. The procedure was a bit longer than the first two. This time, the poking was more deliberate and it was what I call tickling the nerves. To make sure that they cauterize the right nerve, they poke around the nerve (or I think directly ) and that action would send signals to my legs making involuntary jerk movements. From what I recall, hitting the wrong nerve would mean jerk action in the leg. Poking the right nerve mean the nerve/s are good to go and they get cauterized.

It has been five months of pain free back. Except of course when I overdo it, like recently because we moved and it was a DIY move, we did a lot of lifting, standing and my sacroiliac joint acted up. (the left one though). So, the procedure worked for me and although this may not be for everyone, it works.


28 thoughts on “Have You Had These?

  1. Wow…a lot of pain, and painful treatments! I have my back/neck problems from a fractured set of cervical vertebrae, (c6, c7), sustained in a car accident at age 17. But I’ve never suffered as much as you have I don’t believe.

    May the Lord take you into His healing hands, and make you better. May He also guide the hands which tend to you as “agents” for Him, and all together, working in concert, may you find relief from the pain which spans your back! In Jesus’ name, Amen!



    1. Thanks Steve. I got all that from my super hero days, fighting crimes and all haha. No seriously, I never had any serious injury but it was just degenerative or careless overuse. The procedure seems to work, it’s been more than a year and I am still pain free, although I have zapping pain here and there.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I won’t say you are “lucky” in any of this, because no one with such a problem feels very lucky!

        But I’m glad the pain blocks work for you. I’ve had some injections and for me, they just don’t work. Maybe my condition is different in nature from yours.

        But I know that I am able to handle my pain now through some regular exercise and Advil instead of RX meds. I’m happy for that much…

        Guess the Lord has blessed me in that way, huh! Hey, thanks so much for reading and commenting so regularly. I enjoy your replies and your posts…”Miss Super Hero!”



      2. LOL, Super Hero tee hee. I don’t take any of their prescribed meds, even from the beginning. It’s like they’re just waiting for the patient to say “i’m in pan” and they are so happy to prescribe all kinds of crazy pain meds. I just take Advil as needed, or Motrin. How come in some of your posts, comments are disabled. I can’t leave any comments at all. (unless i’m just not seeing the comment button.

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      3. Well, “SH” (short for Super Hero), I am so glad you didn’t get hooked on those pain meds. You’re right, they do seem to hand them out like candy at Halloween!

        I got “hooked” on one for maybe 3-4 years, and then my new insurance plan wouldn’t cover the pills any more…

        What was I to do? I almost freaked out!

        Still, I had no choice but to pull myself off of them and take the Advil instead. I guess I also learned that I could live without the pills…a good lesson in the end. I’m sure God helped me to do that!

        As for the comments thing, I write this blog as part of my church’s website. The church Elders asked I not accept comments as they could contain doctrine we don’t agree with, or just flat out be argumentative or “unflattering.”

        I can see their point. However, some of my posts came from another of my websites and were posted some time ago. I forgot to go in and disable the comments section on those.

        So I have to watch them closely. That’s why you see some with and others without comments…



    1. Hey sis. Thanks for remembering me. We have been crazy busy. House remodeling, moving, bakc pains etc hahaha. Oh boy. Like I told my other friend my back has improved a lot. Ihad the procedure and pain was reduce significantly. from 10-0!. Praise God. I will try to catch up and update my site. Missing everyone. Hugs to you.


      1. Wow! That’s a crazy load of things to do. I would love to know how you manage the back pain from 10-0! Take care of yourself and your family well. Have a great everyday!!! 😀 😀 😀


      2. after my procedure,I discovered a profound respect for needles. They weren’t so bad, actually. I felt tiny pokes but that was it. BUT… you are right, size does matter. My joint injection was the worse., I felt what I thought was a giant samurai ripping through my *#$5.haha!


  2. Hi! I’m clearing out my inbox, and found this notice that I’d overlooked. I sure yope you’re doing better. Back pain is terrible. I don’t like the word “chronic,” either!


    1. Hi sis. How have you been? I have been busy but guess what? My back has improved a lot since the procedure. I don’t discredit my Lord but this worked for me through the doc etc. My pain from 10 went down to 0. Even my neck improved and pain’s reduced 90% (without the procedure). No meds to take. Just eating better and trying to exercise etc. I have not been on here but I am trying again. 🙂 God bless you and I hope you are feeling wonderful lately as well.


      1. I’m so glad you’re feeling better. Life is good, busy, full, I’m trying hard to focus more on my writing, have opened a new blog to facilitate that, while still keeping up my Bible study blog. That one will always be my first love. Hoping to “see” more of you 🙂


  3. The thing about fibromyalgia is this: it’s become the “catch all” diagnosis when a doctor really isn’t sure what to label, prescribe, and treat. Because (many) doctors are sleeping with the big Pharm. corporations, they all stay in business from the docs. prescribing the new meds that they promise to “push” out to the general public, even when some of those meds have not been tested for a duration of 2 years or longer. Even the handful of accidental deaths from bad reactions to the meds (and subsequent lawsuits which follow) annually, don’t deter new Pharm. corps. from churning out more deadly “medicine” because the billions they make in sales, annually, more than make up for what they have to pay in lawsuits. The majority of the public don’t know these things, unfortunately. I’ve learned them in my studies in school over the past few years. It’s shocking. Think about the Abilify commercials and all of the new commercials that are popping up every year: the side effects list everything from brain damage to death. A few years later down the road, people get cancer or internal injuries from these new meds they continue to churn out, and so they recall the product, change 1 or 2 of its ingredients, relabel it as something else, remarket it, and it starts all over again. But yeah, “Fibromyalgia” is one of the “mystery disorders” that docs have invented to cover practically any area of the body so they can market the new pharmaceuticals. It’s a racket, and everybody’s making millions.

    That said, I do hope that they’re able to minimize your pain by the injections. Prayers sent, and I hope you fell better soon. ;0) x


    1. hey sis, good to hear from you again. I believe that what you shared with us is the truth. every time i see my doctors, i get new narco all the time and i am seriously not taking them, not at all.I stick to basic tylenol and i take it when needed.

      thanks for the prayers. I know that once we hurt our backs, that’s it. I sure hope that the treatment I am getting will at least give me long lasting relief.
      Thanks again.


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