Being Married and All

imageIt’s been more than a month since I got married and everything is so serene now.  Not to bore you with my stories but I am thinking more of “journtalizing” ( my own coined word for immortalizing a journal entry ) the event  so when I get old and grey and I can go back to this page and be reminded of how wonderful it is to be married:)

I can start by saying that it was truly magical and memorable. The thrill of starting a new life phase is something that sticks with you long after the cake’s been eaten and thank you cards been sent. It’s more than just the wedding, it is the marriage. The warmth and fuzzy of being called “wife” , the giddiness of calling my ex-boyfriend “husband”-they are just little trips I get high on everyday:)

The blending of two families and sharing lives as if they’re one is just so amazingly pleasant, It is an adventure and a constant phase of discovering more amusing and sometimes annoying new (or old) quirks about each other.

More than that, our Lord has been gracious and generous to us both. As we start our lives as Mr.and Mrs. the Lord revealed new plans for us. An exciting journey started and the Lord is re-directing us to a whole new path. We are excited, we are enthusiastic and energetic and we look forward to starting our married lives in a new environment, a new house we can call our home and new friends that will come along.




12 thoughts on “Being Married and All

  1. I totally agree with you on “blending of two families and sharing lives”. It is wonderful a post PD. I’m going to meet my son-in-law’s parents next week – an official meet-the-parents lunch. 😀


  2. I didn’t realize you’d already done the deed 🙂 Seems you were just engaged a couple of minutes ago! Congratulations, and may you continue to have a wonderful life together.


    1. Hi Linda. It seemed like it was whirlwind, but we planned the wedding since January ’13. The way we did it was backwards. We got engaged 3 weeks before the wedding lol. I bought my first dress a year before the actual wedding and got the second dress in September of last year. Funny!


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