Time is of the Essence

Happy New Year is what we always say to each other. nothing is wrong with that. But the new year will not always be a happy one. In fact, the new year was met with tragic accidents and homicide around the Bay Area, some actually happened while they were trying to be happy. Quite ironic huh?

Also, since I am a believer of the power of spoken words, I will have to alter the greeting a bit to make it more meaningful and a blessing-BLESSED New Year, Everyone!

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My last year was full of plans and resolutions and hopes and dreams. It was also full of frustrations, disappointments and stress. A year ago, a plan was conceived but it didn’t progress the way or speed that I hoped it would be. It left me unhappy, stressed out, bitter, frustrated, did I say unhappy? It’s been a roller coaster of hopes and stupid expectations. Every waking morning would be full of grunting, complaining, crying. So naturally, this morning when I woke up (like any other morning) I prayed or murmured “I am unhappy Lord, so unhappy I don’t even know what to say to you anymore. I have stressed and lost sleep over this ….and nothing is happening yet. If this isn’t what you want for my life, then get me out of this situation already, provide an escape plan..whatever!”  And I just cried silly.

Typical rebellious impatient believer.

My relationship with the Father is such of a confused teenager (ha ha), that He responds like a typical firm but loving dad. I got up, got my iPad and mindlessly browsed through the podcast titles. Guess what? Today’s preaching presented itself to me like an expensive gift on Christmas morn,

Title: Waiting on God’s Timing

I have provided the link to the preaching so anyone needing guidance will also benefit from it.  Again, spoken by a loving Father to a whiny child, God reminded me that His timing is perfect. He couldn’t reiterate it enough and said “wait and wait and wait and wait“, I kept asking “why, why, why and how long?” I flipped through the pages of my journal and checked my prayer requests sometime ago- I stared at it, let out a sigh and calmly drew a close subset on all the items and scribbled this:

No answer yet…? It’s already been a year! Ugh.

God’s timing is perfect, I know that. I don’t see it now and I have questions, too. I am writing this down so I can come back to this later and be able to share with you the “whys”  and the “how long”-as soon as I get Daddy’s answer.

Meanwhile,  I just have to  wait.


10 thoughts on “Time is of the Essence

  1. ya,i am kinda going through some strangeness in my soul right now,feel tired and lazy,like Gods so mad at me,I mess things up every day,like with my mouth,and I dont know why,like I cant figure it out,I pray and ask Him to shut my mouth and use me for His Kingdom ,which I thought I was doing,now im just ick……


    1. It is totally okay to feel what you are feeling and God understands it. However, He isn’t mad at all. It’s the devil feeding you lies and saying that God is. In fact our Father is loving and forgiving. And you know what? One principle I learned and trying to apply to my life when in a messed up situation is to thank Him for the current season/situation ( however messed up), because it is when life gets tough and doesn’t make sense that God takes delight in performing miracles and showing control and revealing His purpose. Let us know what happens. You are in my prayers.


  2. Waiting is a beast sometimes 😉
    But, if He said, that settles it. Be encouraged my sister.

    Blessed New Year to you..
    Blessings always


  3. Been there done that, got the T-Shirt! But you know what? God showed up and showed out! God’s timing is always right on time! I’ll keep you in prayer.


  4. I totally understand how you feel, and last year was like that for me as well. However, I am hopeful for this year. I feel as if all the waiting I did last year has prepared me for what God has for me this year. I pray it is the same in your case 🙂


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