It’s Only Words

Yakkety Yak
Yakkety Yak

I have a friend, and although I love her I am scared to talk to her. She talks and talks and talks, and I could butt in and say something totally irrelevant and unrelated and she wouldn’t notice it.  When she calls me on the phone, my ear burns. I could go to the bathroom or watch TV and she would still be talking. All I need to do is say “uhumm..” every now and then. Even when and if f I don’t pick up, she would leave messages as long as the Great Wall of China. She would be talking for a good 5 minutes and still not get to the purpose of her call. Can you relate?

I have been reading the books of Ecclesiastes and although some say this book is dark, whiny, negative and must be written by Scrooge, when you thoughtfully read and dissect Solomon’s words-it  is a breath of fresh air. I even asked some friends to explain a passage on my FB account,because no matter how often I read the book, this still offers new insights and instructions.

downloadChapter 6:11 is the inspiration for this blog.“The more the words, the less the meaning”, Solomon says. Some people think that the wordy you get the better the story becomes. Some think that  one sentence is dull or lame,and they are compelled to add to it or embellish it. By the way, while I was reading,  another friend called me and told me a totally different story that I allegedly said. Of course not! , but it was done so by whoever told her  to make the case intriguing and dramatic. What irony huh?

There is still beauty in simplicity.When we are succinct, we lessen the risk of misunderstanding, misinterpretation and therefore no one gets lost in translation.

Even when talking to God, Solomon warns us not to be quick with our mouth or be hasty in our hearts. “Let your words be few” does not in any way discourage us to follow the leading  of the Holy Spirit when we talk to God, it was a reminder to come to the throne with a  purpose,with specifics and not to blabber believing that a lengthy, wordy petition is any better.

When words are few, we open our listening ears and our hearts to what God has to say. Our Heavenly Father sits on the throne, not the psychiatrist’s chair.

I had an experience when I was a teenager, we were at a camp and we were doing “popcorn prayer”. A group of 8 praying randomly was like playing Russian Roulette lol. Each wait  for anyone to pray ( oh boy that was some wait), and I remember one camper who prayed for everything and everyone and every activities and every congregation, the whole world and the universe…and I fell asleep. It was embarrassing but that is the risk of wordiness.images

Praying over meals could be tricky too. The Sunday following a youth retreat I attended, our pastor’s sermon was about how to pray efficiently and effectively. I guess he noticed that all of us were too hungry to pray for  healing for the sick, and salvation of souls when we just wanted to say grace before grubbing. It was funny because at one time during the retreat, although it was unspoken and unplanned, one friend volunteered to pray over meals and as he started saying “Heavenly Father..” we all said  ” Amen” in unison right away. We found out that was exactly what he was planning on doing, just say “Heavenly Father,thank you for the food, amen.” That was a juvenile act but you know what I mean , haha.

I hope I made my point clear, I could go on but that would be doing the exact opposite of what I am sharing. Stay warm everyone.

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10 thoughts on “It’s Only Words

  1. PD, well said, I’ve had to learn some of this with my writing. One book that helped a lot was ‘On writing’ by Stephen King. Mostly how to eliminate unneeded words-.Have a great day…


  2. There is power in words…simple words! It is not all the jargoneze which we throw into a conversation that makes the meaning clear. It is the simplicity by which a few words are presented that pleasess the listener and reader. Enjoyed your post…thank you for sharing. Ten dollar words are only good for a game of scrabble 🙂


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