Do You Hate Cops, Too?

Remembering Those Who Served.
Remembering Those Who Served.

Okay, folks here we go. First of all, blessings to all the veterans. Know that I prayed for all of you this morning and your families as well. Living or otherwise, I mentioned you at the throne and remembered how you sacrificed for my freedom and security.THANK YOU for your service.

I wanted to talk about something I read on FB about someone hating cops and saying that instead of making people open their wallets, that they should be given a warning instead. The rant went on to say that economy is bad and jobs are scarce, etc. It continued on blaming the President, the politicians, political parties, etc.

I read the comment carefully and without passing judgment, I tried to look for the logic of the complaint. While some premises are valid, I determined that the logic was faulty. It was not even in the zip code of ripple effect, you know what I mean?

Your license and registration, please.

First of all, if we get a moving violation ticket I don’t think I can blame the cops for apprehending me and imposing penalties. I can’t blame the economy for that, nor the politicians, nor the president. They did not tell me to break the law. Can’t start a hate campaign against anyone doing their job. We are not talking corruption here or abuse, just plain implementation of the law. I am not an activist for things like that. Can’t really hate and blame the doctors for diagnosing you with cancer, right?

Second, if we  want warnings, well before getting the driver’s license we both take the written and actual tests. Those are warnings!! Warnings to follow the signs, the rules of the roads. What kind of warning do we need?

You've been warned!
You’ve been warned!

We are trained to do the job we do. (I’m not a cop, btw) Law enforcers are trained to spot offenders,K-9s to sniff drugs and trace scents. We can’t blame the dogs for finding illegal substances-that is their job. Soldiers are trained for combats, they are trained to do offense and defense. Survival instincts kick in when the situation calls for it. Presidents train as senators or congressmen. Whether  they do a good or a bad job is another thing and I am not a blogger for that kind of thing either 🙂

Be responsible: don't text and drive.
Be responsible: don’t text and drive.

In California, texting and using the phone while driving is illegal, that’s the law yet there are still people who disregard the law and they get upset when apprehended. Drinking and driving is also illegal ( even if it’s not a law) it’s common sense. Why endanger yourself and others by being irresponsible and careless?

Back when values were as important as status update on FB, folks would say “stay out of trouble”. Four words that are hard to follow nowadays. If you follow the rules, behave appropriately and respect others, then you don’t have to worry about cops bugging you. When we learn and practice accountability, then we don’t have to be creative about  dodging the penalties. By the way, the comment even suggested what not to do when pulled over by cops. ( and not the type parents would advise us  not to). Stay out of trouble is one way to not encounter a cop!!

I say this ALL the time-we’re all about rights, but no responsibility. You have the right to own a dog, but it is your responsibility to care for it and make sure the quality of your neighbors’ life is not badly affected. Don’t get mad if they call animal control on you because your dog barks the whole day, the whole week! Don’t be fast and the furious at a 25mph zone, don’t be stupid and display brazen anarchist behavior, then blame others for it.

Doing the right thing even when no one is looking is integrity.

We, believers are also guilty of this too. We are not exempted.  We follow the way of the world forgetting that “we are ambassadors of  Christ“. We slip and sometimes think because others are doing it, that we should do it, too. We are not all spiritual, Sunday-only Christians. Our spirituality should translate to being good, productive citizens. The biblical teachings are moral compass to be gentle, compassionate, and law-abiding.

Make no mistake about it, even Jesus submitted to authorities in his time. When we think people do us injustice, it is easy to retaliate and start a hate campaign to justify and deflect blame. Jesus and the apostles were constantly wronged, framed up, persecuted and killed and they did not even break the laws. Someone cut you and cuss at you for doing the right thing?  breathe in and out, bite your tongue,  pray and stay out of trouble. It will be all worth it.

Haters will be hating, that’s for sure. But hate evil and love the good. That is the kind of hating that we advocate. Good day, everyone.



13 thoughts on “Do You Hate Cops, Too?

  1. You said, “Drinking and driving is also illegal ( even if it’s not a law) it’s common sense.” But if something is illegal, then by definition it is against the law. And there is a law against drinking and driving, or driving under the influence, even if you’re not currently drinking. And “under the influence” includes not only alcohol, but drugs, too, even if they are prescription drugs.


  2. Hey Gal! I applaud you! Every word you said is so true. I do get upset when I get stopped, but it isn’t because of the policeman, it is at myself for the stupidity of having a lead foot. Without order and police, this world would be complete chaos. God Bless,


    1. I always say cops wont pull you over to exchange twitter accounts lol. If they spot and stop us, must be for a reason. When we have nothing to hide we comply.its cause and effect. Thanks sis. And drive safely;)


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