Happy Anniversary!

5CB823AF-BF67-48EA-B3DC-A554AAD3D1AAWordPress sent me a congratulations for being here a year. Hmm, I never realized it’s already been that long .

Now that WP brought it to my attention indulge me to go down blog memory lane. On November 6, 2012 I decided to spend my time online in a productive and worthwhile way. A month before that I took down my personal Facebook account and proved to be one of the wisest decisions I made online-wise. Around the same time, I was in a rather dark, stressful situation and I was in a hiatus-hibernate-retreat mode. That was when I decided to restore my relationship with Jesus (not that I was wayward all the way), but my spiritual life was close to dehydration.

When Jesus said “search and you shall find”, boy He was not kidding. I finally found a safe, caring church. My prayer life improved immensely. My relationships were restored and been harmonious. He removed people from my life who were toxic and causing me grief and stress. Healing took place, there was deliverance and He blessed me with so much more only because I’ve decided to be obedientΒ The Lord.

I won’t say I’ve been perfected (not gonna happen until we are all in His Kingdom), but the tremendous transformation happened so fast and I can truly testify that God is alive, faithful and loves unconditionally.

I said to God, my online interaction would be to speak of His greatness and mercies and through the months that I’d been writing, God sent me wonderful people who I can learn from, people who needed to hear or read what they needed at the time, and the relationships I’ve developed here are meaningful albeit virtual.

The funny comments, the interactions, the prayers, the pictures, the private conversations, Facebook connections Β (I made one for this site only), the awards, the recognition, the encouragement. All these are happening because God is honoring an obedient child.

I would like to thank all you who are faithfully reading and encouraging me, and the new ones that are still finding me.

I declare blessing to all of you. I declare excellent health, financial freedom and abundance too. May the good Lord bless you and keep you.

A year ago, I searched and testified to God’s tender mercies and His quick response.(God is Quick,Very Quick)Β He never changes, His love endures forever. Abba, Holy God, be glorified!


25 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary!

  1. So glad I read this today. Sometimes it’s tempting to quit, but whenever I feel that way, God always connects me with some kind of encouragement. Today, it was you πŸ™‚


    1. Hi Linda, it is always my prayer to bring the ” right” people to whatever article is written on here. My goal has always been for people to find something here for whatever the need might be and to give God the highest glory. You do the same thing with your bible study series.thanks as well.


      1. Thank you πŸ™‚ I, too, promised the Lord that I would use the internet only for His glory. I do have a personal FB page, but I don’t use it to dump my personal stuff. I do have to be careful about too much political posting.


  2. Happy Birthday! (In Bloggie-land. heheh..) You and I share the same story: I was immersed in online sites (long before Facebook came out) and other places that were sucking up a good bit of my time. I became lost in what it was all about- being fishers of men.

    I had a dream one night. I dreamed that I saw 3 women on a stage, and they all had jars. In those jars were vomit. They took turns pulling out the detestable junk and holding it up- each were admiring the others’ filth and flattering the other. After I woke up, I was horrified and simply had to know who and what that dream was about. I went through my mental rolodex, and envisioning who might be worse than who (etc.) Then the Lord let me know.

    “This is you,” He said. And he was referring to my online behavior, being taken by the world, and what it actually looked like to Him. I was repulsed and shocked, and ultimately heart-broken. That dream has been a life-saver. And yes, ripping down my Facebook account 5 years ago was one of the best decisions ever. I’m careful now, much more careful, and am always mindful of my purpose. So many people are still addicted to “self” and Facebook is the biggest tool for that. Anyway, great post- happy anniversary. :0)


    1. Hey sis thanks for sharing your story. Not only did it eat my time, but I was growing so annoyed and victimized and stressed because of hackers and toxic people. I joined FB when it was still beta but been around diff social networks since forever. And that is why I chose to be anonymous and just focus on what the Holy Spirit prompts me to write. Not to gain followers but just to share and minister in my own lil way.

      I’ve also had couple WP blogs prior to this one but decided to just limit to something more sensible and rewarding ( I hope).

      So thanks again and hugs to you, monochrome junkie πŸ™‚


      1. Well I know that there are loads of hungry souls out there who will be blessed by a site: it isn’t all marshmallowy rainbows and bluebirds (babbling brooks- happy happy- you get the picture!) -not that there’s anything wrong with super fuzzy, happy people (!) but people like to know they can relate too, and I like that about your place. It’s ministering, but it’s real too. I relate to Jesus’ resurrection, but more so His crucifixion- and that’s where we’re supposed to be nailed DAILY. I can’t ever forget that. Anyway, hope you have a great night! xo


      2. Ewww….she’s the biggest letdown ever, isn’t she? From singing praise songs to…what she’s gone too. (Yet another reason why I can’t thank God loud enough from keeping me from the “fame-machine” back in the 80’s.) I’m an old fuddy duddy now, that keeps the temptation down..hehe..but seriously- she’s a disgrace. (Yeah, and I don’t mind saying so!)



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