The Creator and His Creation

One simple exercise to becoming grateful is to look around and look for the simplest of things. Our world is full of distractions, bigger, louder and sometimes out-of this world.


Waking up in the morning, instead of grumbling and feeling overwhelmed, give thanks that we are still alive, that is the first step. Thanks for the coffee. Thanks for the crazy family. Thanks for the job…and soon enough you will be thanking God for almost anything and everything. Why, I even thanked God for our neighbor’s dog when they started barking  in unison!  (and I’m not kidding you, because they started barking as soon I started praying, with a smile on my face I said “dogs, in Jesus name please stop barking, shut up!”) You may think I’m crazy but they stopped right in the middle of barking. Truly there is power in the name of Jesus huh?

I thanked God that today is Wednesday and I offered the rest of the day to Him. I thanked Him for the sun, the weather, the tree. And suddenly God revealed in my mind a beautiful scenario of His wonderful creation. Mountains, oceans, clouds, the universe and then, me.

Monterey Bay
God saw all that he had made, and it was very good-Genesis 1:31

When we look at these wonders and we see them photographed all the time, or if we go out on a hike  we stand in awe and wonder at how good our Heavenly Father is. His creations are wonderful, gorgeous and amazing. But don’t forget that we are also part of His creation. He created us “fearfully and wonderfully“. That is something to be thankful for.

I wonder if people look at me and say “wow, there is really a God!” ( Ha ha! That might be a long shot) but come to think of it, if we are amazed at how verdant the flora and rich the fauna are, aren’t you also amazed at how we breathe, walk, grow?  Isn’t it also amazing how involuntary some body parts move?  Only a perfect God can design that! That is something to be thankful for.

What’s even amazing is God gave us dominion over all these natural wonders. God’s blueprint was precise and His execution was perfect.  The sun shines and we know it’s hot but it doesn’t combust nor  burn us to the ground. There are wild animals that we can tame, and we can survive in extremes of temperatures. That is something to be thankful for.

Let us serve and worship the Creator, instead of His creation.

May the wonders of His hands lead us to thanksgiving and repentance when we take these for granted and for not being good stewards. They are here for our pleasure and consumption, but let us not abuse the privilege.  Let us stand in awe of His creation, but let us also stand in awe with thanksgiving and praise to the Creator of life.images


10 thoughts on “The Creator and His Creation

  1. That is exactly the attitude we all should have. Our problem arises when we get our eyes off the Lord and on our small, insignificant problems. If we keep our eyes on the Lord and all He has done for us, we can share in the wonderful attitude that you have! Lord bless. Thanks for a great reminder.


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