God Smiled at Me

A week ago, I was going to blog about it by life caught up with me and I forgot. Anyway, I was so thrilled because last week while doing my quiet time, there was an overcast and it was really dark. At the time I started (usually on any given day, the sky would be bright and lit up) but that particular day it was just plain dark, sad and a bit depressing.

Reading, listening to my background worship music and I started praying. When I got to the part where I praised and when I was about to close I simply said ” Father, please manifest yourself”, the sky suddenly lit up. Eyes closed I felt the sun just radiating ever so brightly and the more I praised, the more it “flashed”. ( Like those little indicator light, the more you up the volume the more the light goes crazy?)

He did inhabit my praising!

Out of nowhere, the sun was in consonance with my praising and I just was thrilled to the bones, because right there and then I declared “God you are so alive, and thank you for smiling at me today.”

I took a picture of the silhouette of the outside of the house and I just wondered Β in awe because God really listens, is alive and smiles at us.Β 

Our experience with our Heavenly Father is not always going to be the same. God is very personal and our encounter with him depends on the level of our intimacy with Him.

People say, “where is God?” or they say they don’y quite experience an intimate personal God. He is everywhere. He is in the sun, the moon, His wonderful creation, the people we encounter. It doesn’t have to be a grandiose, out-of-this world experience.

In the simplicity of it all, God is there.Β 

God smiled at me…

Be sensitive to His voice and let us know when God smiles at you, too.


12 thoughts on “God Smiled at Me

    1. Doris, there must be a theme here because for days now, God has been impressing upon me appreciation of His creation and His wonderful presence in them. I am actually feeling like a child you know, thrilled and excited. And yes, He is more wonderful and awesome than our hearts can believe!


  1. All praise and glory to God!! This type of thing happens to me too… usually, I am out on my back porch praising and praying, when I’ll notice either the wind pick up and *kiss* me or the sun shine brighter and *hug* me… praise the Lord, AMEN!!


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