Together From the Start (by Dr. Dick Foth)

Together From the Start (by Dr. Dick Forth)

Party of three, guess who shows up?

Listen to this podcast and be inspired, and prove that Three is NEVER a crowd!


6 thoughts on “Together From the Start (by Dr. Dick Foth)

  1. Okay, so i clicked on this and ended up listening from beginning to end! It was on point for me and it settled some things inside of me! Plus he’s funny 😉
    Thanks for sharing!!!
    Blessings my sister 🙂


      1. I am doing a workshop called ‘Junk in the trunk’ and I was debating whether to have a big gathering or a smaller more controlled session. When he broke down the ‘togetherness’, it settled it in me to have a smaller session. As people start discovering the ‘junk’ they carry around, I think a smaller setting would make it more personable and relational.
        That’s why this blessed me so 🙂

        I especially like when he asked ‘How many of us worked out?” and then ‘How many of us worked out in our minds?” lol


      2. I had to raise my hand when he asked the latter haha. Oh Ptr. JC, isn’t it wonderful and amazing how the Lord answers prayers? Who would have thought of making you listen to Dr. Forth? Only Him of course. Little by little everyday I fall in love with Jesus over and over again!!

        And I will pray for your activity, when is this happening?


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