How’s Your Today?


What time does your “today” start, what time does it end? Are you the type of a person with a list of “to dos”  which you constantly refer to or are you the type who just goes with the flow and acts on anything as they come?

Do you procrastinate or are you so gung-ho about everything that you wear yourself out sometimes?

SUPERWOMANWhen I was in my twenties I felt like Bionic Woman, Wonder Woman and Superwoman combined.  At home, at work and at social scenes I was relentless, energetic, and quick. Fast forward to where I am at now, I feel like my world is in slow motion. I still have that “raring to go” urge in me, but my body screams “time out” all the time now. So much to do, but it seems like my time is running out on me.

I woke up this morning and under my breath I said ” Gosh, it’s already Tuesday, arrgh”.images (1) Unlike in my younger years, I now have a mental countdown of my days before I go back to work, not because I am excited but because I wanted to grumble and say “I don’t wanna go to work”! Yeah, that bad.

Feeling hurried and my mind racing as to what I need to do in the next couple of  hours, I started reading the book of Hebrews. Although Chapter 3 talks about sinful unbelief  and turning away from God, verse 13 instructed me:

But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called Today, so that none of you maybe hardened by sin’s deceitfulness.

I mean what sin? what deceitfulness? Then, the answer came loud and clear! The devil has been trying to deceive me that I am weak and tired, that I can be Superwoman if I want to,  that it is depressing to not put things in order, that I am fearing the unknown- resulting in me being so downcast, self-reliant and fearful.

downloadTwo words resound in my heart: encourage and today.  While I did not get any encouragement from any human being today, the Holy Spirit more than compensated for that.  It made me realize the importance of the confidence that God gives us in all situations. It also brings me back to the Lord’s prayer where He instructed us to pray “give us TODAY our daily bread“.

God is able to sustain me on a daily basis, I don’t have to drive myself crazy worrying about what is beyond today.  Today is important and God honors what I do today as much as what I will do tomorrow or any other day.

For as long as it is called Today, I will trust my God and will also encourage anyone who needs it, today. Not tomorrow, not next week but today.

images (2)

May someone comes your way and give you the encouragement you need today.




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