What’s Your Emergency?

The emergency room is the last place you want to be in. You go through triage, registration and the wait is endless. I spent eight hours waiting and it was terrible.People were sick, depressed, impatient, annoyed. Some yelling, some fighting. You will get better while waiting,  and leave ASAP because you don’t want to deal with the chaos or your situation will worsen because of the negative vibe going on, you pick.emergency-room-sign

At the waiting room, I decided to be friendly with everyone. I learned of their “emergency” and had a few good laughs. For sure, a smile and a simple “how are you doing?”  can help ease the pain and make the long wait a bit bearable.

When it was time for me to  be wheeled in to the actual treatment room, I was overcome with sadness and  I started crying. The disconnect and the lack of personal interaction was depressing to some degree. I heard people from a nearby ward moaning and crying. From my room I saw someone walking around with his IV bag in tow, cussing and getting mad. I heard the nurse said to one patient “it’s not okay to pee on the floor!”

I started to get agitated and restless.

They say happiness is a choice and I chose not to be happy because  ER is not Disneyland,there is no way you could be happy waiting at the ER!   But God impressed upon me to do something: “be still, close your eyes and pray”.

imagesI began praying for all the sick people in the ER. I started praying for the medical staff who were obviously overworked and undermanned. I started thanking God for my condition, I was relatively better than the rest of the patients. God forgave me for being bitchy and I thought I felt better long before the doctor could get to me.

On the way home,  I thought of how many people were suffering from different ERs everywhere. I thought “tonight I am going home better, some will stay for more treatment, but  some won’t be able to make it at all.”  It puts things into perspective.

This I know, that whenever we cry out for God that He is ever excited to prove and show His love and healing power. We are never without a comforter. We are never alone. When the apostle Paul encouraged the Thessalonians to:

  • be joyful ALWAYS
  • give thanks in ALL circumstances

he did not just say that in vain. It was not a suggestion, not multiple choices type of exam, it was a commandment. He continued on to say that this is God’s will for us in Jesus Christ.

When Jesus went back to the Father, He did not abandon us to fend for ourselves. His wants us to  live well according to His will and  be blessed inside, outside, upward, downward all the time. (There’s a song to it, huh? )


Believers have their own emergency room. There is no long wait, no triage, no registration. The only requirements are  bent knees and clasped hands,

and The Great Physician is available, ready and free.


13 thoughts on “What’s Your Emergency?

  1. I think not just in emergency room but everywhere we ought to live like this.Thanks for sharing such good post.


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