DIY for Believers


I spent close to two hours yesterday polishing this tarnished teapot set. I thought I knew how to care for silver and I used the metal polisher available in the house, but it took me hours nonetheless. No magic eraser nor cleanser helped speed up the process.

This morning I spent at least thirty minutes cleaning the coffee maker. Vinegar and baking soda did the job-coffee stains and residue gone, here’s hoping to a better tasting coffee tomorrow morning.

Worked a little bit in the backyard too yesterday albeit back pain, pulling out weeds, planting bamboo, raking dead leaves and even looking online for backyard fence art for my upcoming landscape  project. Rested,  pleased at the outcome.

This morning’s devotion I asked God to energize me for I was feeling weary and heavy, guilty and a bit of self condemnation. That could wear you off, you know?  I started with a prayer and asked Him for forgiveness and other stuff 🙂 and as I opened my bible, lo and behold God showed me once again what every believer should do. Not a DIY purification process but just one cleansing agent: Jesus.

In Colossians 3;1-17, I was reminded of the idols that drag and slow us down as we run the race. Like the tarnished silver teacup, we must strip ourselves of these: anger, rage, malice, slander,  filthy language, and lies.

Like precious metals, we want to stay shiny hence we  coat and shield ourselves from the elements. We are to clothe ourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.  Pretty easy reading them, applying them in our daily lives is quite a task.

We are to bear with one another and to always have a forgiving heart. Difficult? Sure. But just think of Jesus. He forgives and forgives and forgives and forgives some more. If He can forgive us, why can’t we do the same?

We ought to love one another and let peace that surpasses all understanding overtake us.


And lastly, I pray for whoever you are in need of this admonition to finally make it right with God. Don’t delay for no DIY cleansing can help you. Only in the name of our Lord Jesus can we experience purification and peace.



8 thoughts on “DIY for Believers

  1. Wow. Just when I needed to see this. . . .I’ve gotten behind, as usual, and what I’m learning is that it doesn’t matter how far behind I get, God always has something for me just at the right time. Thanks.


  2. Forgiveness is enlightenment especially to oneself – burden unload. We need to pray for God’s grace to do what we think is impossible, like changing our stubborn bad habits. Hope your back is better. Thanks for sharing this post.


    1. Hi sister, my back is getting well. And you know what you are right about unloading burden, that is extra baggage we can’t keep carrying. Forgiveness is always tough. I have always felt that forgiving makes us less of a man and that we are taken for a fool. But being a fool for Christ is better than being hardened and burdened, right?


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