What to Think About Today



13 thoughts on “What to Think About Today

  1. I really like that verse, and often remind myself of it when i’m in a not so happy mood or others have wronged me. Sorry for your back pain. I have a back injury also. It does tend to get in the way of life, doesn’t it?


  2. Little Sis, How am I to be surrounding you in prayer if I know not your trouble? I live by this verse Galatians 6: 2; Bear one another’s burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ. Have missed you so much! If you need prayer shoot me an email, or just leave a comment, Please? Few things I have ask of our Lord one is make me a man of prayer after Your own heart. It is my great pleasure to pray for my brothers and sisters. Now I ask our Abba for the healing of my sister to restore her back to its full strength. Give to her rest restoring her energy to that of a lion cub. Smile upon her Abba filling her with Your healing Love all of her days, Amen.


      1. Of course it posted itself and i wasn’t done yet. Just busy all the time and tired most of the time. I read all the blogs too just didn’t have the energy to respond, add carpal tunnel in the equation and one lazy blogger is what you get, lol. Tight hugs!! Hows Al?


      1. Ugh, back injury… man, that is some powerful pain. I praise the Lord that you are able to move around ok, but will lift you up anyway! 😀 Doin’ good on this end!


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