I Am A Warrior

What troubles you today? What kind of battle are you facing?

The Die is Cast!
The Die is Cast!

Business failing? Health deteriorating? Is your family falling apart? Marriage crumbling, finances dwindling?

Kids, are you being bullied? Ostracized for being different? You drag yourself to work or to school, terrified of people badmouthing you, judging and condemning you for past mistakes?

You must be so stressed out that you begin to doubt if God ever hears or cares? Nowhere to go and hide, you just wish the ground would open up and swallow you huh?

Who you turn to when faced with adversity makes a big difference.

My man of the hour is King Jehoshaphat. He became king at age 35, he had great wealth and honor. He was a powerful commander, but also a godly king. A candid glimpse of how he approached a difficult situation is revealed when he was talking to King Ahab in Chapter 18:4 and said:

“First seek the counsel of the Lord.”

How many of us fight our battles kneeling down first? If a mighty warrior and king like Jehoshaphat runs to God first, shouldn’t we civilians do the same thing?

When the Moabites and the Ammonites made war on him although alarmed, he responded by acknowledging who God is and what He is able to do. He gently reminded God of His promise of protection and favor. In the end, Jehoshaphat humbly acknowledged their weakness and with utter surrender, he said “but our eyes are on you”.

We don't know what to do...but our eyes are upon You.
We don’t know what to do…but our eyes are upon You.

No blaming, no drama, no self pity, no waving of fist at God nor wallowing in fear and sorrow. Just pure trust and quiet confidence.

In fighting life’s battles (big or small), the story of King Jehoshaphat presents a two-fold principle.

First Principle: God is Strategic and Knowledgeable.

He gives us a “survival kit” which contains the following:

Second Principle: Surrender is Victory

God is faithful to those who obey and delights in His instructions. When God said “the battle is mine not yours”, it was not some empty promise to shut us up. He means it and is able to deliver us from whatever is confronting us.

Our response should be 100% trust and complete surrender. Instead of making God too small in our lives, we must respond by worshiping and praising Him with a joyful and thankful heart with the anticipation of victory and success.

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God was swift in fulfilling His promise as soon as they started singing and praising! The battle was won without them doing anything but thanksgiving and praise , and they were abundantly blessed with plunder so much so, that it took them three days to collect everything!! (verses 22-25)

God’s battles are won before being fought and most of them are won kneeling down. Join the army and be a kneeling warrior!


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