Godzilla vs. Bridezilla

The juxtaposition of the “zillas” will hopefully provide a fresher perspective about this thing called marriage.

I received a call yesterday informing me that I was selected to win gift items because I registered on one of their affiliate sites. When asked to confirm the wedding date, I said that “that was what I put but we are flexible, 2013 covers until December 31 anyway, plus I am not a bridezilla so I don’t sweat the small stuff.”

There was an obvious disbelief on her part because the pause was too sharp to cut the titanium band she was offering me. She came back with an ” oh, okay that is fine” and hurriedly finish what I believe was the script she was trying to read and to put to life by pretending to be excited for me.

After the call, I giggled and said “bridezilla” then thinking of what could be the opposite of bridezilla, I started typing Godzilla. Quite a long etymology for my title huh?

Most brides are stressed and focused on a lot of things-venue, theme, reception, the dress, etc. And why not? Most of us started preparing for our wedding at the age of 7. No wonder why when that time comes we all want the event to be a flawless blockbuster, right?

20130516-112321.jpgOne thing I learned about getting married ( and this I learned back in high school),is that marriage is more than just the wedding itself. Marriage was instituted by God to be a holy union for the purpose of procreation. You don’t get married because you got knocked up “accidentally”, or to get a divorce after 24 hours or 72 days, or to get a tax break. Marriage goes deeper than that. Some people may not agree with what I said in this paragraph, but just because majority believe otherwise , doesn’t nullify the absolute truth God has given us.

God is the author of life, also the author of our love life. God should be involved every step of the way. God should be our wedding planner. Wedding is not a performance. It should be an act of worship, a covenant to love God first then the spouse, second.

Not discounting the importance of preparing logistically for the event, anyone wanting to marry should launch a prayer crusade for God to manifest Himself to the couple. Asking God to bless the union, prepare the hearts of each other for what they will face in the future, revealing to the couple new things about each other that may provide leverage to handle tough situations, and just the readiness to face bigger responsibilities, like parenting, caregiving and companionship for life. Go through pre-marital counseling with a godly elderly.Seek God first and let Him take control of the wedding timeline and experience a sense of calm and peace that only our loving Father can give.

Without God in the equation, no matter how beautifully you write your vows, life could be an uphill battle all the time.

Am I saying that this will guarantee marital success? That depends on how you define success. God is a god of order and relationships and while a perfect marriage isn’t guaranteed, believing and involving God will definitely make us look at life’s challenges differently.

Mother knows best they say, but our Heavenly Father is an all knowing God. What could go wrong with someone wise, loving and faithful?

Don’t stop praying for your boyfriend or girlfriend. Obey God and He will bless you. Invite God to actively participate in your relationship, and He will honor you.

His love is deeper than any love we can get from anyone. When the right time comes and when your heart is ready, you will be bridezilla no more.


10 thoughts on “Godzilla vs. Bridezilla

  1. you did a very good job at making a valid point, God should be a part of every day living, even in a marriage. We have a much higher success rate if we allow God to lead and guide us


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