Puny god, Anyone?

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Last Sunday our guest speaker, Sean Smith mentioned about the Hulk and the puny god. I didn’t know where he was going with the sermon but it made total sense after he finished the segment. It was a reference to a scene in the movie “Avenger”. ( you can just go to youtube and watch that scene).

After the service, the thought lingered and while it was obvious what it was about, I made mental note of my own puny gods.

When I was little my puny god were my toys. We didn’t have much, so every once in awhile when folks would buy us toys, they were treated like precious gems.

High school, I would say my friends were my puny gods. The cliques, the parties and the good times that came with teenage life were deemed priceless, disobeying parents-lying and sneaking. How invinsible.

College, it was the ideologies. The influx of information, liberalism and “intellectual revolution” plus activism were supreme. I felt significant, relevant and important.

After college, my puny god was my career, making money and competition. I was at the top of my game.

Then, relationships came- life changing but not for the better I’d say. I have learned to enjoy control, so much that when things went awry, I played god myself. My puny self became my own puny god.

It was foolish of me to think that life was better and foolish to think that God didn’t mind.

Unlike Hulk, God did not body slam me, instead His gentle nudge and forgiveness brought me back to earth, my senses and to my Heavenly Father.

How foolish to think that our puny gods can make us happy and satisfied. It was fun while it lasted, but the lingering after effect of such foolishness was overwhelming enough to wallow in self-pity and self- condemnation.

My God is mighty and big. He gave me everything to save me from myself. The gift of death and resurrection of Jesus was big enough to cover my sins.

No other god did that for me.

As we reflect on His death and resurrection, may we be reminded that our God is greater than any puny gods.

What are your puny gods?

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22 thoughts on “Puny god, Anyone?

  1. What a fantastic post! I’m sharing it with my FB friends and RB’ing it as well. Hope you don’t mind…



      1. I like your views on several topics! The more I read of your posts, the more I see a maturing Christ-like woman…



      2. Steve, thank you for the kind words. The term is appropriate though..maturing. I like it that the Lord despite myself took His time and was ever patient in working on me. The least I could do is to witness and share what a loving and caring God he is. I serve a living God and that is more than enough for me:)

        Liked by 1 person

      3. A most mature answer! Your Christianity is an example to many who may notice it. I believe you have come a long, long way from whatever “dark days” you may have experienced! Good for you…



      4. You and your posts really impress me! You are doing some very good work and asking some very relevant points…



    1. Hi Sam, thanks for asking. funny I just logged in and saw your comment. I have been busy, tired, sick and all that jazz. I have been meaning to blog and I was actually getting warmed up but I got side tracked catching up and reading some blogs.

      thanks again for remembering, I hope to finish my blog tonight before I get really sleepy and tired:)


  2. My puny self became my own puny god. <<<<

    We're all guilty of that- daily. If we don't lay that monster at the foot of the Cross (continually) it raises its ugly head and goes right to work "tending to self". If we're brutally honest with God, we have to admit that we're all thieves and liars before Him- because we're constantly stealing HIS time and covering it upon ourselves, using it for ourselves (and our own glory) and we will even shine HIS light on ourselves, stealing glory that way too- and then we deny we even do it, making ourselves liars. Yeah, we ALL do it- more than we even know. (Including me.) This is my continual prayer to God, "Lord, crucify me. Crucify this flesh within me."

    To answer your question (puny gods) ugh. My list is probably too long to name.Ha. I'm catching myself (always) with something new. (Even anger directed in the wrong way can be a "god"- in fact, every single thing that we think, say, or do- outside of Jesus and HIS will- is a "god" or idol that we worship- secretly in our hearts.) There's a reason the Word says, "Wisdom increaseth sorrow." When we can see just how black and gross our own flesh is…yeah. That'll do it…heheh…

    Thanks for sharing this. xo


  3. Wonderful, eye opening, even after walking with Christ for many years those puny gods try to sneak back into our life. I believe I never did thank-you for all those awards you nominated me for, it is a bit overwhelming. Thank-you! One thing is I do not know how to transfer all those award’s pictures around and I have just learned how to do links a few weeks ago. The next is I have never gotten an award before not even a gold star in school, till now. I was given the Ten Commandment award but my step son was over and he did all the work, very fast so I did not catch on. Your kindness overwhelms me along with your wonderful posts. As Our Lord grows you for His glory, He shall grant you even more greater wisdom and skills for His Kingdom’s work, Amen. Love you my sister in Christ, james


    1. Oh James, you didn’t have to. But you are welcome and you deserve them. Thanks for the encouragement too and wow you’re he new Moses now? Haha! That sounds like a wonderful award. Happy weekend James, don’t be a stranger.God bless you more and more.


      1. Glory to God, I’ll take ’em! TY πŸ™‚

        Your article led me to take notice of what puny gods are in my life… nothing should ever come before our God, NOTHING… that is such an important reminder.

        Bless you Sister, may your weekend be submerged in Christ!


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